Reflecting on Winning the Family Paralegal Award

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We are thrilled to announce that Stacey Hyam, a dedicated paralegal at WSP Solicitors, has been honoured with the prestigious title of Family Paralegal of the Year. This remarkable achievement fills us with immense pride as a company, reflecting not only Stacey’s exceptional skills and dedication but also our commitment to excellence in the field of family law.

In a conversation with Stacey Hyam regarding her remarkable achievement, we delved into the journey to success for aspiring paralegals.

How does it feel to win this award?

‘I’m thrilled at winning the Family Paralegal of the Year 2023. Just to be nominated again was an honour but winning the Family Paralegal Award feels amazing. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received this recognition.’

Can you share the story behind your success that led to this recognition?

‘Behind this achievement is a story of dedication and learning. My journey at WSP Solicitors spans 18 years, and during this time, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with exceptional solicitors like Judi Bonham, Camella Cephas, Beth Evans, and Louise Kelly. Their extensive knowledge of family law has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance for me, shaping me into the paralegal I am today. Observing their expertise over the years has been an invaluable part of my professional growth.’

What advice would you give to others who have just started as a paralegal?

‘For those who are just starting as paralegals, I’d offer the following advice: Every day in this field is unique, and every case is a fresh challenge. Take the opportunity to learn from each case, as the knowledge gained can prove vital in the future. Patience and empathy are paramount, especially in family law, where you’re dealing with people’s lives and emotions. Remember that this isn’t merely a transaction; it’s a person’s life. At times you will need to be supportive, a counsellor and there will be times when you need to be firm with clients.  You need to be able to separate yourself from the case and the client as it can be easy to become drawn in.  In difficult cases such as Care Proceedings, you have to trust that the legal system will make the right decisions for the child in the end I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire department. Our team is nothing short of fantastic, and our collaborative efforts are what make us shine. A special thanks go out to Judi, Camella, Beth and Louise, for their constant unwavering support and guidance throughout my paralegal journey. All four, have played a significant part in helping me grow and evolve. I’m thankful that they’ve believed in me, see my potential, and continue to provide the support that makes WSP Solicitors feel like the only place I’d ever want to work. WSP Solicitors have provided me with so much room to grow I look forward to continuing our journey together as a team and achieving even greater success in the future.’

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