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Every business is unique. MyBusiness Partner tailors advice specifically to you through six key stages, each representing a crucial developmental phase in the business lifecycle.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business or a business owner looking to exit, we want to help make your life in business less complicated.

Taking a business from that initial idea right through to the more mature growth stages can be a very exciting and rewarding journey. Setting up and running your own business can provide you with a number of great opportunities, but without the right legal advice it can be a daunting and extremely risky time.

MyBusiness Partner is here to help you identify what the specific opportunities and threats are to your business both now and in the future. We will help you to cut through all the legal jargon and provide you with cohesive and clear commercial advice and support.

It is important for you as a business owner to have a legal partner that you can turn to for support through the different stages of your business and protect you from future costly problems before they arise, as well as being a sounding board for your ideas.

There for your business at every step

Have you got a great idea for a business? Or are you looking to expand? Want to raise funds? Thinking of selling your business? Whatever the stage your business is at, MyBusiness Partner is here to help. Simply select which of the 6 stages below best describes your business and click through to discover how we can help you.

The Seed stage is an exciting time, where your business is only a thought or an idea. At this stage it is important to determine whether or not the idea is worth pursuing and how it could be developed into a viable business.

Now’s the time to start looking at a number of factors which will help you determine the next steps to setting up your business. You’ll need to consider the options and opportunities involved presented by the different company structures, sources of finance and growth strategies available to you. To see how viable your idea will be in the long term it’s essential to undertake some in-depth research into how unique your idea really is and how competitive the market is.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Develop a business plan with you
  • Help you create a robust Business Growth Strategy
  • Consider the best company structure for your business
  • Help you form your company/partnership
  • Draft shareholder/partnership agreement
  • Help you identify and attract funding
  • Introduce you to fellow entrepreneurs for support and guidance

Once you’ve determined that you’re going to go ahead with your business idea and have finished developing your product or service, it’ll be time to start marketing.

Taking your business to market will provide you with many insights into what the customers are really like and how profitable your business will be. At this stage it’s normal for you to tweak your initial plans in order to get a more accurate picture of the environment in which business will be operating. For example, you may have underestimated at the previous Seed stage how much money it would take to launch the product to gain market presence, and now you’re left with less money than planned for the next stages of your development. As a result, you may need to identify and secure additional finance.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Advise whether to purchase or lease premises
  • Help you source suppliers and negotiate with them
  • Draft your Terms and Conditions
  • Update your Business Growth Strategy where necessary
  • Identify and secure additional finance

Once your business is up and running you will reach the Control stage. This stage is typically where you’ve started to get used to the day-to-day running of things and can start to drill down on what’s working, what’s not and where to go next.
It may be that since launching your product or service you require more staff to complete orders in time or wish to take on additional shareholders for guidance or funding. Alternatively you may be thinking that you’re outgrowing your premises and have concerns that you may not have room to take on more orders.

It is particularly important to identify future challenges before they arise to avoid costly mistakes.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Update your shareholder agreement
  • Review your business processes
  • Draft employment contracts

The Growth stage of a business is an exciting stage where you can decide how to develop your business further and look at what opportunities are out there. You should be looking to increase your profitability and consider methods to increase your customer base to make you more visible in the market place.

As a business owner you need a broad understanding of the issues facing your business, but also be able to know when to delegate or outsource tasks to external providers. During the Growth stage you should be focused on business expansion opportunities, which could be domestic or into overseas markets. With your operations running smoothly due to the solid foundations that were laid in the Control stage, this gives you the time and space to look at these exciting opportunities.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Identify and assess joint venture and take-over opportunities
  • Negotiate and enter joint ventures
  • Assess the opportunities for you to acquire another business
  • Draft agency and distribution agreements

Once you’ve grown your business, it’s important to follow your Business Growth Strategy and keep looking for new ways to innovate and improve. Don’t be tempted to sit back and relax.

At the Consolidation stage of the business lifecycle, you need to ensure you are running efficiently to maximise productivity and minimise waste. For many businesses, automated business processes or outsourcing will help you focus on other growth opportunities whilst ensuring your current business runs effectively.

It’s important to take a holistic view of every business function and you can individually improve them. Some business owners find their skills were perfectly suited to the Seed and Start-up stages of their business, but less suited to the later stages so need to restructure how they manage their business and learn new skills.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Draft key customer and supplier agreements
  • Help you plan for business restructuring
  • Look through the options for raising further funding for growth

The Exit stage occurs for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you’ve decided to cash in your efforts after years of hard work – or just shut down unprofitable parts of your business.

If you’re looking to exit, you need to consider many operational, financial and emotional aspects. And if you’re selling, you need to get a realistic business valuation. You also need to be clear on what’s important to you – securing your employees’ jobs, for example, or freeing up time to focus on a new venture.

Identifying the unique selling points of your business (from the efficiency of your operations and intellectual property, to the quality of your management team or competitive edge in the marketplace) will make sure you maximise your exit potential.

At this stage of the MyBusiness Partner Programme we would work with you to:

  • Prepare your business for sale
  • Advise on instructing a sales agent
  • Help you find a buyer
  • Assess and negotiate offers
  • Negotiate and complete the sale of your business


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