Buying and Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be a daunting prospect, filled with complex legal issues. At WSP Solicitors we have a track record of making our client’s business lives less complicated. We’ve successfully completed a diverse range of transactions, from the acquisition of small family businesses for less than £100,000, to the sale of international concerns for in excess of £30 million.

Buying and selling. Made simpler.

We’re passionate about the success of local enterprise in Gloucestershire and we take pride in supporting you on your business journey, from opening the doors to developing an exit strategy.

We’ve an excellent record of supporting entrepreneurs too, providing the sound, practical legal advice you need to build your business on, while satisfying the demands of your partners or shareholders and making sure you’re protected from future issues.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation

In business you need a partner you can relate to and trust at all times. We offer a no-obligation, free of charge initial legal consultation with one of our commercial solicitors, which can either be at our offices in Stroud, Dursley or Gloucester or at your business premises or offices. We think it is really important that we understand your business if we are going to help you with any aspect of it.

How much will it cost?

We’ll give you a fixed estimate and we’ll never exceed it without your prior consent. We’ll provide regular updates on legal fees and, if your transaction goes particularly smoothly and less time is spent on it than we initially envisaged, your bill will be correspondingly lower. We can also offer you ‘conditional fee’ arrangements, i.e. if your deal falls through you pay either less or nothing.

How long will it take to sell a business?

Most business sales are completed within 6 to 8 weeks, although outside factors often dictate timescales. We encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are thinking of selling because it’s important we get to know your business so we can effectively prepare your business for sale, help negotiate terms and explore tax planning opportunities, ultimately saving you time and costs.

What information do I need to give at our initial meeting?

We need the usual proof of ID, accounts, statutory books and so forth, but the most important thing is that you let us know your aspirations for you and your business: tell us why you are selling or buying, your plans for life, retirement, expansion. Starting, buying and selling a business are life-changing events. We are here to listen to your ideas and the more we know, the more we can help you to make them a reality.


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We can help with...
  • Investigating and examining the business you are buying
  • Guiding you through the negotiation process
  • Preparing all contracts and finalising the transaction documents