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UK employment law is complicated and frequently changes. As an employer, it is important to get things right so you can manage your employees effectively while avoiding the risk of any legal issues.

Get expert help with employment law for employers

Whether you need help with a one-off issue or feel you would benefit from ongoing employment law and HR support, our specialist employment law solicitors for employers are here for you.

At WSP Solicitors, we are experts in UK employment law who also understand the realities of running a business. As such, we can provide practical, pragmatic support to help you navigate even the most challenging employment law issues in the right way for your commercial interests.

Clear employment law advice for all of your business needs

Our business employment solicitors can advise on matters including:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Equality, diversity and discrimination
  • Redundancy
  • TUPE
  • Data protection / GDPR
  • Employment tribunal claims
  • Whistleblowing claims
  • Performance management
  • Flexible working
  • Health and safety
  • HR Retainer for businesses
  • Handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Documentation review

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Our employment services for employers

Settlement agreements

Disputes with employees can be costly and time consuming with the potential for negative publicity that could harm your organisation. Our settlement agreement solicitors can help to resolve these disputes swiftly and definitively. We can advise on your legal position, draft a suitable settlement and negotiate with employees on your behalf.

Our employment lawyers can also provide independent advice on settlement agreements for employees, which is a legal requirement for a legally binding agreement.


As an employer, your recruitment processes must be fair to avoid the risk of discrimination claims and other issues. We can provide clear employment law advice on the legal requirements around recruitment, review your existing practices and help to craft legally compliant recruitment processes.

Disciplinary and grievance

Dealing with disciplinary issues and grievances can be very tricky, especially if there is any suggestion of discrimination or other complex issues. Our business employment solicitors can help you to create robust disciplinary and grievance procedures, as well as guiding you through any issues related to a specific matter.

Equality, diversity and discrimination

Equality, diversity and discrimination are issues that have grown in recognition in recent years, leading to an increase in the number of concerns being raised and claims brought by employees. Our specialist solicitors for employment law can assist with proactively limiting the risk of such issues through good HR practices as well as being ready to step in should a problem arise.


Making redundancies is never easy and, when it comes to the law, there are strict processes employers must follow. Our redundancy solicitors can support you through every stage of redundancy proceedings, making sure that everything from the selection process to the redundancy offers you make are in full compliance with UK employment law.


When all or part of a business is sold, then the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) will normally apply. Our TUPE solicitors can advise on your obligations to protect employee rights during a business sale as well as assisting with all necessary documentation.

Data protection / GDPR

Employers have a legal duty to protect their employees’ personal data under GDPR. It is important to understand what data is covered and exactly what you are required to do. Our employment law solicitors can provide clear guidance so that you can meet your data protection obligations.

Employment tribunal claims

Should an employee make a claim to an employment tribunal for an issue such as discrimination or unfair dismissal, our solicitors can provide pragmatic support to help find the best solution for your business as quickly as possible.

In many cases, claims can be resolved before a hearing through negotiation but if a hearing is required, we can ensure your case is prepared effectively and that you have robust representation for the hearing itself.

Whistleblowing claims

Whistleblowing claims can be very damaging to a business, so it is important to respond swiftly and strategically. Our experts can advise you on your options so that you can minimise any negative impact while staying within the rules of UK employment law.

Performance management

Performance management can be a very delicate area when it comes to employment law for employers. It is necessary to strike the right balance between motivating your team and addressing any performance issues while avoiding the risk of claims relating to issues such as discrimination. Our experts can help you to create legally sound performance management processes as well as advising on specific scenarios that are causing concern.

Flexible working

Employees now have a statutory right to request flexible working from the first day of their employment. Employers need to treat such requests fairly and can only refuse for certain permitted reasons. We can help you to create a flexible working policy that complies with the law and gives clarity to your employees, as well as advising on how to respond to specific requests.

Health and safety

Employers are legally required to provide a safe working environment. Our team can advise on the regulatory requirements and the steps you need to take to achieve compliance. We can also assist with any health and safety issues you may be facing, including if an employee has made a complaint.

HR Retainer for businesses

Many businesses cannot justify the expense of having their own fulltime HR professional in house or their existing HR team may need a little extra support. In either case, we can provide a HR retainer service giving you immediate access to our expertise for an agreed monthly cost.


Employee handbooks are essential tools for good employee relations as well as helping to define your business’s culture and values. They can bring all of your key policies, procedures and other vital information together in one convenient package. Our team can assist with putting together employee handbooks that meet your requirements while making sure all of the documents within are legally compliant.

Employment contracts

Good employment contracts are the foundation of effective employer-employee relationships. They can also provide strong protections for your business against poor employee conduct and the risk of employment claims. Our employment lawyers for business can review your existing contracts, draft new contracts and advise on their application during disputes.

Documentation review

It is a good idea to regularly review all of your employment documentation. This helps to ensure that everything complies with the latest rules and regulations, that the documents achieve what you intend and that the risk of legal problems can be minimised. Our employment lawyers can review all of your documentation or specific documents so you can have confidence that they are effective and legally sound.

Why choose us for employment law for business

Detailed knowledge of UK employment law

Our expertise covers all aspects of employment law, so we can provide up-to-date guidance on everything you need to do to achieve and maintain compliance. Should a problem arise, we have the experience to find the best way forward within the law.

A business-minded approach

As an employer, you have to align the need to treat your employees fairly with the commercial interests of your business. Our specialist solicitors for employment law can help you find the right balance so you can run your business efficiently while maintaining legal compliance.

Transparent pricing

The cost of working with an employment lawyer always has to be weighed against the potential commercial impact of the issue at hand. We offer clear fees information upfront, including fixed fees wherever possible. This way, you can make a sensible decision about the value we offer.

Contact our employment law solicitors in Gloucester and Stroud

For business-minded employment law advice, please contact your local WSP Solicitors office in Gloucester or Stroud.

If you have a quick question or would like to request a call back, you can also use our simple online enquiry form.


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