Our Core Values – WSP DNA

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we made the decision to redefine our core values as a business. This was in response to people’s personal lives and the overall working world feeling like very different places. In light of this, we worked with our staff and created our WSP DNA.

The outcomes we set:

  • To create a solid set of core values that we have all concluded on and that we can all believe in!
  • To have widespread awareness of what our values are internally for staff and externally for our clients and partners.
  • To allow for a strong sense of accountability to exist across all departments within the business.
  • To create a foundation for us to build on our culture to; strengthen our working practices, recruitment, staff retention, communication, and well-being by highlighting what is important to us.




“We want to create positive interactions, internally and externally. Clients and colleagues alike should be able to talk openly, reach out when needed and rely on us. Clients should feel as though they can keep coming back to us as well as all staff feeling confident in speaking up in departments and the wider business.”


“We aim to inspire trust and professionalism inside and outside of the business. We help clients at key moments in their lives. Their trust in us is essential. From this, our reputation as a trusted legal services provider will continue to grow. As staff, we are trusted to be professional and to do what is expected of us as part of a team, with clients’ best interests in mind. Trust and professionalism will create longevity for the business.”


“We are all people. We spend a large part of our lives at work so must provide a workplace where people are treated fairly, equitably, and are heard. Staff should be valued and supported in their roles with opportunities available, where possible, for progression, growth, training, and development. We want to foster a community internally, ensuring togetherness and retention of staff, whilst reflecting externally to attract high-quality candidates and maintaining a positive image with clients.”

Commercially Successful

“We believe commercial success is essential for our continuation. It brings stability to employment and business growth. To do this we must be innovative, and willing to embrace change, technology, and new ways of doing things. We value progression and a future-focused approach over tradition. Without commercial success, there is no WSP Solicitors.”


“We strive to deliver, straightforward and uncomplicated legal advice, whatever the circumstances. We take the time to understand what really matters to our clients and make sure communication is key, whilst delivering exceptional client service. Life is complicated enough, with WSP Solicitors it’s Life, Less Complicated.”

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    I have nothing but praise for all of the people I have dealt with over the years. Nothing has been too much trouble and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
    P. Browne
    A very thorough and professional company. Always found staff to be very approachable, helpful and very clear in their explanations of all options available to me. Would strongly recommend WSP.
    D. Maton
    WSP is the one-stop superstore for all your legal requirements. It is staffed with friendly, professional and expert people who are a pleasure to deal with. As a long term user of the company I always recommend WSP to all of my friends based on my own happy experience.
    D. Wilkins