WSP wish a fond farewell to Nigel Sherwood after 35 years and welcome new Director and Associate.

Nigel Sherwood Amy Leivers Joseph Mullis

At the end of June this year leading Gloucestershire based law firm WSP Solicitors wished a fond farewell to long standing Partner and Head of Property, Nigel Sherwood, as he retired from the firm. After qualifying as a solicitor in 1979, Nigel moved to Stroud and joined WSP in 1984 where he became a partner […]

A Guide to Purchasing a Property at Auction

Purchasing a Property at Auction

Purchasing a Property at Auction Whether you want to buy a property to use as a business base or to expand your portfolio, auction can be a great opportunity. Buying a property at auction is not for the faint-hearted or the under prepared – once the hammer is down you are contractually liable to purchase […]

Cheryl Maynard joins the Commercial Property Team

Cheryl Maynard

Cheryl Maynard WSP welcomes the arrival of Cheryl Maynard to the Stroud office. Cheryl joins the firm as a commercial property solicitor, and will be working alongside Nigel Sherwood, Amy Leivers, and namesake Cheryl Leigh. Cheryl’s career in commercial property so far has spanned 20 years. She trained at a major commercial practice in Bristol […]

Just how energy efficient is your commercial property?

Amy Leivers Commercial Property Associate Solicitor Stroud

Energy Efficiency New regulations which come into effect on 1 April 2018 require all properties to achieve a minimum standard of energy efficiency. Can you be sure that your property is compliant? As from 1 April 2018 landlords will no longer be able to grant a lease, or renew an existing lease, of commercial premises […]

Could a Mixed Use Property reduce your Stamp Duty Land Tax?

Amy Leivers Commercial Property Associate Solicitor Stroud

Mixed Use Property The Chancellor of the Exchequer is reported to be receiving a record high revenue from Stamp Duty Land Tax (‘SDLT’) but the number of property transactions has fallen. The tax, particularly the Higher Rate charged to those who already own a property, is clearly proving costly for purchasers and may be swaying […]

Commercial Property Lease

WSP Solicitors - Stroud Dursley Gloucester

Why is a Commercial Property Lease necessary? Having a written commercial property lease to govern occupation is beneficial to both landlords and tenants as it ensures both parties are aware of their respective obligations at the outset, and there is always something to refer back to if any issues arise. That said, it can be […]

What is Vacant Possession?

WSP Solicitors - Stroud Dursley Gloucester

Any conditions attached to a break clause must be strictly complied with. If they are not, the break will not take effect and the lease will continue. Commercial tenants with a break clause in their lease requiring vacant possession run the risk of ineffective termination due to failure to remove their belongings from the property. […]

Forfeiture for non-payment of rent

WSP Solicitors - Stroud Dursley Gloucester

If a tenant does not pay their rent, a landlord can be left without income from their property and unsure of their rights. One remedy available to a landlord is the ability to re-enter the property and thus terminate the lease. This is known as forfeiture. In order to be able to forfeit a lease, […]

Should I stay or should I go? -Business Premises

WSP Solicitors - Stroud Dursley Gloucester

The business premises from which businesses operate are integral, particularly for those that rely on their location to bring in customers/clients. It’s therefore important to consider what happens at the end of a lease term well in advance to avoid being left in a difficult position on expiry. Leases within the Landlord and Tenant Act […]

What should a Landlord’s solicitor do?

WSP Solicitors - Stroud Dursley Gloucester

What should a Landlord’s solicitor do? Taking Instructions At the outset of each instruction we will require: documentation to verify your identity evidence of the origin of funds to be used in the transaction heads of terms setting out the agreed terms of the transaction Contacting the Tenant’s Solicitors  We will write to the tenant’s […]