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When the COVID Alert Level (CAL) drops down to a safe enough place for WSP Solicitors to once again re-open to the public, we have been putting in a considerable amount of work behind the scenes in order to make sure the space will be as safe as possible for our clients and staff.

Client Safeguarding Survey

The first stage of this was in the form of a survey of clients from the past 6 months. This was designed to ask a sample of our recent clients what measures they would like to see us put in place, when our offices do open their doors again.  We received an excellent response rate and can share some of these results with you now.

The top 3 safety measures you wanted to see were hand sanitizer available to all visitors, plastic screens in place in reception and 2m social distancing being observed.

We can confirm that this was what we had planned to install, as well as providing the option for masks to be worn if specified pre-appointment.

75% of respondents would be happy to conduct meetings via secure digital means (videocall etc).

We have invested greatly in our technology to allow us to be set up remotely to still help you even if we cannot meet face to face.

60% of respondents said their decision to attend our offices would be based on us getting these measures in place.

We know we have to get this right so we will not be opening our doors until the government guidelines say so and also until all our safeguarding measures are in place.

99% of respondents were confident that we would be able to get all the necessary safeguarding measures in place.

We really appreciate this level of confidence in us. We are working our hardest to make sure our offices are as safe as they can be for staff and clients who attend in the future.

If you did take our survey then we would like to extend our thanks again for your feedback as this has been invaluable.

COVID Management Team

Following on from the excellent data we received, a COVID Management Team (CMT) has also been set up. This team is tasked with making sure at each COVID Alert Level we have everything in place to provide the same level of service to our clients but in the safest possible way.

You can view the full risk assessment here – Coronavirus Risk Assessment

COVID Alert Level 4

Currently the UK Government and Public Health England have us at CAL4 where social distancing measures are in place and the virus is still a high risk. However, things are beginning to be relaxed by the government.

Below are the measures we will be putting in place allowing us to keep working for you and get ready for when the alert level does decrease officially.

Our Offices

Stroud and Gloucester will be managed by a very small team consisting of the following:

 A maximum of:

The branches will be cleaned 3 x a week as a minimum, including door handles, toilets and kitchens. Receptions will not be open to the public except for specific approved appointments in extraordinary circumstances.

Our People

Other than the very small teams within the offices our staff are still set up to work remotely to continue to provide our clients with the best service possible, given the current circumstances. The vast majority of meetings will still need to be undertaken with video calling.

At WSP Solicitors, we are incredibly confident that we are leading the way in terms of getting mobilised for a return to the offices. We have asked our clients and listened to what you have had to say, as well as following the strict advice and guidance from Public Health England. As the COVID Alert Level decreases we will be able to update you instantly on the changes we make with regard to staffing and access to our offices.

We are still here to make your life, less complicated. Business or Personal we can help you now with any legal needs you have, so do not hesitate to get in touch. You can fill in the form in the sidebar of this page or alternatively call us on 01453 847200.





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