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Work life balance for the modern parent

As the world of work becomes increasingly stressful and demanding so it becomes ever more difficult to find “me-time”. Here are my top 5 tips to achieve a better work-life balance.

Prioritise quality family time

Even if customer demands are high and the backlog of work is growing, it is still important to spend at least one uninterrupted hour of your day with your family. This does not have to be a special event, it might just be simply cooking the evening meal together or helping with homework. The important thing is to give as much priority to this hour as you would to an hour long client meeting.

Prioritise at work

Take a good hard look at how you work and focus on being more productive in getting your work done so you can spend more time with your family. Stop doing things that you don’t really need to do (delegate them) and most importantly learn to say “no” sometimes. My aim is always: “only do what only I can do”.

Look after yourself

Being an entrepreneur and a parent is exhausting. If you are too exhausted or stressed you simply won’t be able to dedicate time and attention to either work or family. Eating well and regularly exercising increases energy levels and a feeling of well-being. At the end of the day you owe it to yourself, your work colleagues and your family to keep fit and healthy.

Create a family-friendly work environment

Try to remember that success in business is about outputs (what you create) rather than about inputs (how much time and energy you spend). So, if you use your time wisely and focus on the important things you are more likely to achieve what you need to achieve quickly and that means more time for family and friends.  If you have done all that you need to do by 3pm, it would probably be better to leave work early to spend time with your children rather than just staying at the office for a few more hours for the sake of appearances. I look at the times of day when my energy levels are highest (early mornings) and look to deal with the most important tasks then. There is nothing more important than prioritising the important tasks and doing them first. This mindset is truly transformative.

Ask for help?

As an entrepreneurial business leader you will have supported colleagues and employees on many occasions so it is not at all unreasonable to expect reciprocal support. Let them know when you are feeling under pressure, ask for help.  Good employees will be only to keen to help, as will good business partners. MyBusiness Partner at WSP Solicitors is here for that reason; a trusted legal partner to support you through every stage of your life in business.

MyBusiness Partner: there for your business at every step.

Peter Mardon, Corporate Partner WSP Solicitors, Father and Grandfather

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