Two golden business rules

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As a corporate solicitor I have been privileged to work with some of Gloucestershire’s most successful businesses and observe their leaders first hand. I am often asked what these leaders get right that makes their businesses successful. They follow what I call the ‘Two Golden Rules’.


Firstly the ‘20-60-20 rule’, because in any organisation your employees can be broken down into 3 broad groups: the top 20% (your “stars”) always go the extra mile, they see opportunities rather than challenges and they bring solutions rather than problems. Then there is the bottom 20% who resist change, see every challenge as a problem and regularly complain. The middle 60% that is left are people who will either follow the top 20% or the bottom 20% depending on the leader.


A good leader focuses his/her time and attention on the top 20% and gives them the resources, the praise, the promotion and the pay rises but ignores the bottom 20%. Result? The middle 60% follow the top 20% and you have a thriving progressive business. The bottom 20% keep quiet or leave! Unfortunately most business leaders focus all their time and attention on that bottom 20% trying to appease them, but if you want success you need to turn away from the bottom 20% and engage with the top 20%.


The second golden rule is the ‘10% rule’. Surely everyone would agree that, as a minimum, a good leader would spend at least 10% of his/her time focussing purely on the business by which I mean not the day-to-day tasks but the strategic issues: where is the business going, where are the emerging markets, what is the long term plan? However, although 10% of your time only equates to 2 or 3 days per month, how many business leaders actually spend 2 or 3 whole days per month just focussing on the business? Leaders who tend to be successful.


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