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A well-drafted framework agreement, sometimes referred to as a master services agreement, is an efficient way for businesses to operate, allowing companies to work together over time, completing different works or purchase orders without the need to agree on a separate contract on every occasion.

Expert advice for your framework agreements

WSP Solicitors have experience in drafting robust framework agreements across a range of industries, ensuring that they have strong terms and conditions in place governing their relationships with suppliers and service providers.

Putting a sound framework agreement in place means that those involved know exactly what is expected of them and reduces the scope for misunderstanding and disputes. We will go through your requirements with you and ensure that you have a framework that protects your interests while giving you the flexibility your business needs.

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We offer a free initial consultation to give you the chance to discuss your business requirements with one of our commercial lawyers. You can explain exactly what you need, and we will answer your questions so that you can make a decision as to the next step. We can speak to you however best suits you, for example, face-to-face, over the phone or via videoconference.

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How we can assist you with your framework agreements

Taking your instructions for a framework agreement

In starting work for you, we will listen to what it is you need to achieve and discuss your options with you. We will answer your questions and work with you to ascertain exactly what should be included in a framework agreement for your business.

Drafting a framework agreement

Once we know what needs to go in the framework agreement, we will draft this and go through it with you to ensure you are happy with the provisions. Our team have extensive experience in drawing up bespoke agreements, including framework agreements in construction and other industries that use a range of suppliers and/or service providers.

Advising on framework agreements

Our team can provide clear advice in respect of the complex area of framework agreements so that you have a full understanding of the implications of signing. We will ensure that the agreement is in your best interests and that the terms protect you as far as possible.

Framework agreements explained

What are framework agreements?

Framework agreements are written agreements between a business and a supplier or service provider setting out agreed terms and conditions for future contracts. In effect, a framework agreement is a list of pre-approved suppliers or service providers who will often have submitted a tender for a place on the list.

During the period in which the framework agreement is in place, the business can procure or request services in accordance with the terms and conditions from time to time, as needed.

How do framework agreements work?

Once a framework agreement is in place, the procuring body can give business to the supplier or service provider, knowing that this will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

There may be a single supplier or service provider or several. The business will ‘call-off’ goods or works when they are needed, and the supplier or service provider will provide what is requested as agreed.

Where there are several suppliers or service providers in place, they can bid for a contract or award when one arises.

What are the benefits of framework agreements?

Framework agreements can be beneficial for businesses that supply goods or services as a recurring source of work without the need for repeated tendering. They offer the opportunity to build a sound relationship with the procuring body and can also give them the scope to buy goods in bulk, securing better terms. In addition, they may find the business helps their reputation.

For the procuring entity, the framework agreement gives the security of knowing what terms have been agreed so that clear costs projections can be made. The business can also request goods or services without the lengthy process of negotiating and agreeing on terms individually each time, meaning advantages in terms of both speed and efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of framework agreements?

A framework agreement is, by its nature, fairly rigid, meaning that a business might miss out on the opportunity to work with a supplier or service provider who did not meet the criteria or who was not prepared to agree to the initial terms and conditions. A business may also need to react to market conditions and change the goods or services that are ordered, which might not be possible under the framework agreement.

For the supplier or service provider, there is no guarantee of business. Where several businesses are included under the framework agreement, the competition to win a tender may be strong.

What is a ‘call-off’ contract?

A call-off contract is a contract that comes under the terms of the framework agreement. The contract will contain the umbrella terms and conditions imposed by the framework agreement as well as the details specific to that particular contract.

A call-off contract is frequently used for purchases in the construction and utility industries for buying supplies in bulk over a period of time. This means that the supplier does not have to provide everything all at once, and the procuring body can ‘call-off’ supplies as required, with pricing, timescales and other details set in advance under the umbrella agreement.

Why choose WSP Solicitors for your framework agreement?

Leading legal expertise

Our commercial team have wide experience in putting different types of framework agreements in place across a range of industries. We will ensure that the document is drafted to give you the flexibility you need as well as protect your rights and interests.

Excellent service standards

We always ensure that we offer exceptional service to our clients along with our strong legal and commercial understanding. You will work with a particular lawyer throughout so that you will have a single point of contact and be able to discuss matters in depth with an expert who has a full grasp of your situation and your requirements. Our team are easily contactable and will ensure you are kept up to date with progress.

Experience in dealing with multi-million pound businesses and complex issues

Our team deals with businesses of all sizes, from individual and family enterprises through to large international companies. We will ensure you have the right legal expertise for your needs.

Bespoke legal advice for your business

We will take the time to understand your business and your aims so that our advice to you is tailored to your exact requirements. We have an excellent commercial understanding, so you can be sure that our recommendations will be in the light of this as well as being legally sound.

Law Society accredited experts with a strong track record of success

At WSP Solicitors, we have Law Society accreditation for both our legal expertise and our professional standards. In addition to this, we are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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