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Appointing a commercial agent to act on your behalf is a huge commitment, and it’s crucial that such matters are correctly handled, especially through the use of an agency agreement. But where you choose to use an agency to handle your business affairs, it’s crucial to seek sound legal advice and guidance.

Expert advice for your agency agreements

Our team of agency agreement solicitors at WSP are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of agency arrangements and the appropriate agreements that need to be put in place for the protection of the business. Our lawyers are able to assist both the business hiring and the agent.

Having an agency agreement in place is incredibly important as it sets out a number of essential matters concerning the agreement, such as the certain responsibilities of both the business and agent.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation

We recognise that many clients, prior to making a final decision on whether to work with us at WSP or not, benefit from having an initial consultation with our agency agreement lawyers. During this meeting, you can fully explain what it is that you need and any queries you may have regarding the agency agreement process. We can work around your personal preferences, either meeting you face-to-face, via telephone or via videoconference.

To book a free initial consultation with our commercial law team, please contact your local WSP Solicitors office in Gloucester or Stroud or use the enquiry form on the right.

How we can assist you with your agency agreements

Discussing your options for an agency agreement

At WSP, we have a deep understanding of agency agreement matters and know the type of information that should be included in a professional and efficient agency agreement.

Drafting an agency agreement

Our team of agency agreement solicitors at WSP can assist with drafting a robust agency agreement that suits the needs and circumstances of all involved. We will ensure that the necessary key clauses in agency agreements are included.

Our agency agreement solicitors are well versed in The Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993, which govern the relationship held between the agent and principal where the relationship relates to the sale or purchase of goods. In the regulations, there are several mandatory rights and obligations set out that the principal and agent are entitled to during an agency contract.

Advising on an agency agreement

If you have been handed an agency agreement, you should have a solicitor oversee the document and ensure that all matters are addressed within it, making sure that the agency agreement is fair to both the principal (business being managed) and the agent.

Both parties should have a clear understanding of what can be expected from their deal, such as the principal being aware of what they are getting in return for paying the agent and the agent understanding what they are getting paid, as well as the rights that they have to reduce the chance of disputes. In addition, both parties should be aware of the circumstances surrounding terminating an agent agreement.

Agency agreement disputes

While having a well-drafted agency agreement in place reduces the possibility of conflict happening, it doesn’t prohibit disputes from occurring entirely. If you are involved in commercial litigation due to an agreement, it’s essential to seek specialist guidance from a legal expert to prevent matters from adversely escalating and affecting the business in many different ways.

Agency disputes can happen for several reasons and cause a raft of legal issues, including commission disputes, breaches of restrictive covenants, breach of agent duties, termination of contract disputes and more.

If you are involved in a dispute, our solicitors have a broad scope of knowledge and are on hand to provide realistic advice about what can be achieved, as well as assist with solving the conflict. There are non-contentious options available instead of court litigation, such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. But where it’s not possible to resolve through alternative dispute resolution (ABR) methods, our team of experts will tirelessly fight your corner to achieve the best solution for your needs.

Agency agreements explained

What are agency agreements?

An agency agreement in the business world is where an individual or business acts on behalf of a business as an agent.

There are various forms of agencies that can act on a business’s behalf, including:

  • Accountants
  • Estate Agents
  • Solicitors
  • Marketing agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Business agents

What should be included in an agency agreement?

There are many essential components to an agency agreement for it to be of good quality and professional. Most usually, the following will be included:

  • The name of the principal
  • The name of the agent
  • Information about the agency’s purpose
  • The type of agency, i.e. whether it’s nonexclusive or exclusive
  • The duration of the agency
  • The agent’s role
  • The level of authority
  • Where the agent carries out their role
  • The agency fee, payment method and timing
  • The agency contract termination

What are the mandatory rights and obligations of an agent and principal?

When making an agency contract, both the agent and principal have rights and obligations that must be provided to them by the other party.

The principal must:

  • Act dutifully and in good faith to the agent
  • Ensure the agent is fully informed of relevant documentation that relates to the goods
  • Ensure the agent is fully informed of relevant documentation for the performance of the agency contract where the quantity transactions are anticipated to be lower than normally expected
  • Inform the agent of decisions made concerning any transaction the agent procured

The agent must:

  • Look after the interests of the principal
  • Act dutifully and in good faith
  • Communicate all necessary information to the principal
  • Comply with instructions set out by the principal
  • Negotiation and conclude transactions set out by the principal

Why choose WSP Solicitors for your agency agreement?

Leading legal expertise

At WSP, we have worked with a variety of businesses across a range of industries with their agency agreements. We have a wealth of combined expertise and can assist with putting strong foundations in place for a successful agency arrangement.

Excellent service standards

Service quality is of the utmost importance to our team at WSP. To ensure this is always adhered to, an individual solicitor will be assigned to your case. What this means is that you will have direct contact whenever needed to provide advice or answer your queries. In addition to this, our solicitors will always keep you up to date with the progress.

Experience in dealing with multi-million pound businesses and complex issues

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million pound business, we can assist, having experience in working with all types of enterprises.

Bespoke legal advice for your business

When you choose to work with our expert agency agreement solicitors, all advice and assistance will be bespoke and proficient to your every need. We will take the time to fully understand what it is that you require and will tailor our legal expertise to suit you. We know the options that are available when it comes to agency agreements and will ensure this suits your exact requirements.

Law Society accredited experts with a strong track record of success

At WSP Solicitors, we have the Law Society Lexcel accreditation for both our legal expertise and our professional standards. In addition to this, we are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

For more information about related services, see our commercial agency contracts solicitors.

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