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As we have already reported previously our commercial property team remain confident that transactions involving land and property can continue to take place, albeit with a ‘new normal’ and adopting social distancing where necessary.

Our colleagues in our Commercial and Commercial Property teams often work together, especially where a business sale or purchases also involves property. This could be a shop, factory, warehouse or hotel. Our teams have sustained their relationship during the Coronavirus shutdown, and are committed that it will continue as restrictions around Coronavirus are eased.

For everyone, the last few weeks have been unprecedented. Many businesses have struggled to adapt and survive, some with more success than others. Whilst some business owners are diversifying and making changes to their business models, others are looking at succession planning, retiring or simply moving on.

We have heard from business transfer agents that they have remained open for business, and have been able to take new instructions and respond to new enquiries. Some have even reported that they have buyers looking to buy a new business. Where properties are involved, surveyors have been able to undertake surveys whilst practicing social distancing measures.

Our commercial team has maintained a steady stream of transactions and new enquiries, and remain confident that most commercial transactions can still proceed and will be able to complete.

As with the estate agents, business transfer agents are adapting to the new normal and finding new ways of advertising and marketing businesses. Although viewings may now be possible, virtual viewings are still likely to provide a useful tool for the foreseeable period.

Whilst we are continuing to work remotely, our colleagues have adapted well and we have the technology to provide you the same level of service, undertake ID checks digitally and process all payments online.

For more information, please visit our Company Commercial and Commercial Property pages here.

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