Legal advice: 6 Things to Consider Before Signing the Contract

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A solicitor is always working in the best interest of the client. They can help you understand whether the wording of the contract is legal and which clauses may or may not be accepted. They can also explain why a clause might not be suitable or correctly written and suggest alternative ways to achieve your goals. With more than a decade of experience in Commercial law, Shelley Bonney highlights the crucial need for legal advice before signing any contract.

6 things to know before signing a business contract.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should always seek legal advice before entering into a business contract:

Understanding the Terms in the contract:

Contracts can be complex and filled with legal jargon. Legal advice helps you understand the terms and conditions of the contract. This ensures that you are fully aware of your rights, obligations, and potential risks associated with the agreement. A solicitor can explain the legal implications of the contract’s provisions and help you make an informed decision.

Identifying Potential Issues Within the Contact:

A legal professional can review the contract for any potential issues or pitfalls. They have the expertise to identify ambiguous clauses, unfair terms, or clauses that may put you at a disadvantage. By spotting these issues early, you can negotiate changes to protect your interests.

Ensuring Legal Compliance:

Laws and regulations vary across jurisdictions and industries. Seeking legal advice ensures that your contract complies with applicable laws. A lawyer can help you navigate specific legal requirements, such as consumer protection laws, employment laws, intellectual property rights, and data protection regulations.

Negotiating Favourable Terms:

When entering into a contract, it is often possible to negotiate terms and conditions to better align with your interests. Legal advice enables you to understand the areas that can be negotiated and the potential consequences of such changes. With a lawyer’s guidance, you can seek to modify the contract to more effectively protect your rights and mitigate risks.

Minimizing Legal Risks within the Contract:

Signing a contract without proper legal advice can leave you vulnerable to unforeseen consequences. Without understanding the legal implications, you may inadvertently waive important rights or expose yourself to undue liabilities. Legal advice helps you identify and address potential risks, protecting your legal and financial interests.

Dispute Resolution:

In the unfortunate event of a contract dispute, having obtained legal advice before signing can significantly strengthen your position. A lawyer who is familiar with the contract’s terms and your specific circumstances can provide guidance on potential legal remedies and strategies for resolving the dispute.

In summary, seeking legal advice before signing a contract is crucial to ensuring that you fully understand the terms, protect your rights, comply with applicable laws, and mitigate potential risks. It is an investment in securing your interests and avoiding potential legal and costly complications down the line.

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