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According to Richard Branson “The more you’re actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel”. Although success is of course subjective, we are all essentially better at doing something we are passionate about. This is also true when it comes to growing your business. Rarely does a business owner wake up in the morning and eagerly go to work because they have a fun-packed day of completing the company tax return ahead of them. However, ignoring this task completely will result in certain business failure.


Throughout the life of a business it will go through a number of stages. These are:
1. Seed stage
2. Start-up stage
3. Control stage
4. Growth stage
5. Consolidation stage
6. Exit stage


During each of these stages there will be both challenges and opportunities. Preparing in advance for these challenges will enable you to focus on the right opportunities for your business.


At WSP Solicitors we have been helping businesses to grow for more than 20 years. The reason business owners come to us for advice is that we have a firm grasp of how to achieve business growth, not simply comply with legal requirements. We like to ensure that our clients are asking themselves the following questions:
• Does your business have a robust but flexible business growth strategy in place?
• Are your operations being run as effectively and efficiently as they can?
• Are the policies, processes and documentation properly aligned in order to address the strategic challenges of your business environment?
• Is your business going to be able to react quickly to rapid changes in either the internal or external environment in which your business operates?
Above all, ask yourself whether you are able to focus on what you enjoy and do best, because ultimately this is what you should be doing in order to achieve business success.


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