How can I speed up my move?

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It is taking longer than ever to complete on a home move. This has been caused by conveyancer’s being more in demand than ever, council backlogs in supplying information required for searches and stricter mortgage requirements. However, there are ways to speed up the process.

Whether you are buying or selling, our Residential Property Team are here to make your move as simple as possible.

We set out below the ways in which you can help speed up your move.

Instruct A Conveyancer Early

Once you have decided to move, consider who will represent you as soon as possible. ID can be processed and initial paperwork can be dealt with to avoid any delays once the transaction gets going.

Choose wisely. Online Conveyancers may be cheaper but you may not have the same person dealing with your transaction throughout. They may also not have knowledge of the local area, which could cause delays.

Prioritise Paperwork

Return all paperwork required by your conveyancer as soon as possible to allow them to be able to begin work on your move as soon as they are able to.

If you are selling your home, let your conveyancer have all consents, certificates and guarantees you hold for any works carried out to your property, such as planning consents, building regulations certificates and certificates for the installation of new windows/doors or boilers.

Arrange Your Mortgage

If you are buying a new home and require a mortgage, you will need to have an offer in principle from a lender in order to have your offer accepted. You will then need to get your application completed quickly as lenders can take several weeks to issue an offer once an application has been received.

Choose Your Agent Carefully

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Pick a local agent who knows the area and local market well. Ideally, choose an agent who is a member of the trade body.

Check if the agents have a sales progression team who will proactively talk to parties in the chain including your conveyancer and will keep you updated throughout the transaction.

Find A Chain Free Property If Possible

If you are buying a new home, try to find one which is already empty or a new build property. These transactions tend to be much quicker as there will be no other properties involved.

If you are selling, try to find a buyer who doesn’t require a mortgage and doesn’t have another property to sell.


Book A Survey

Surveyors are also very busy and get booked up quickly. Book a survey as soon as you have had an offer accepted. If you leave it late in the transaction, this will cause delays whilst you wait for the survey to be carried out and then the report to be provided. If the survey reveals any issues with the property, you will then need to time to arrange for further investigations to be carried out or for obtaining quotes for works recommended.

Book Your Removals

As soon as you have agreed on a completion date. You can pencil in a date with removal companies. Don’t make a firm booking until contracts have been exchanged. If the date is changed before the exchange, you may be tied in to pay cancellation fees.


Don’t leave the packing until the last minute. It always takes longer than you think! Pack a bag or two of things you are likely to need the day before you move and the first day in your new home.

Our expert Residential Property Conveyancing department have specialist experience in dealing with all kinds of property transactions. Get in contact today and we can help make your move less complicated. You can contact us here or using the form on this page. Alternatively, you can call us on 01453 847200.


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