Energy Performance Certificates

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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) are now required on the majority of residential and commercial properties when looking to sell, or enter into a lease.

An Energy Performance Certificates has two main charts and which show the energy rating of the property, and the Environmental Impact (Co2) Rating. Examples of the charts are as follows:

The charts show a visual detail of the energy efficiency of a property. On the top chart, the higher the rating, the lower the running costs. Equally, the less efficient the property is, the higher the energy costs.

On the second chart, the darker the colour, the higher the Co2 emissions and environmental impact.

Energy efficiency rating

Co2 emissions

Using both charts together, property owners are given an indication as to how their premises currently perform on an environmental assessment, whilst recommendations also detail what changes can be made in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate emissions. The current and potential figures are both stated, allowing the property owner to gauge improvements that can be made.

An easy fix, such as a cylinder insulation jacket could save £100 to £125 per year, whilst other improvements, such as installing double glazing, will have a cost and energy saving but the initial outlay will be far greater.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government records the details of Energy Performance Certificates and has a wealth of supporting information.

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