Can I get Probate myself?

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DIY Probate

In times of austerity we understand that families will look to save costs. Representatives of a deceased person appear more willing than ever to attempt an application for probate on a “do it yourself” basis without seeing a lawyer or taking legal advice. Whilst this is possible it does carry risk.


At WSP we have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries from people who have begun the probate application themselves but have then come to us having made a mistake in the application, or because the paperwork has become too difficult or because dealing with beneficiaries has become fraught. We have also seen examples of carefully drafted Wills, prepared to limit exposure to tax or care home fees being misinterpreted or misunderstood because legal advice had not been taken resulting in tax consequences that may otherwise have been avoided.


We recommend that you always seek specialist legal advice even where you think a DIY application can be made. Initial advice can help to ensure you fully understand the application process and your duties to the estate. At WSP we are happy to offer a fixed fee initial appointment for this purpose.


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