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Whilst it is often possible to have an amicable separation, it can often be difficult to agree on certain sensitive topics such as the division of finances or arrangement around children. During our years of working with clients in Stroud, our team of solicitors have found family mediation to be an extremely effective method of dealing with these disagreements, reducing stress and conflict as well as keeping the chances of contentious litigation low.

Mediation refers to a method of alternative dispute resolution, focusing on helping two separated individuals figure out financial, property and children-related arrangements. It is not a mandatory process; however, it is often recommended as it is often far less contentious and expensive.

Furthermore, if they wish to take a case to court individuals will normally be required to show that they have been to a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to attempt to work through their disagreements.

In general, through family mediation, couples who are separating are able to reach a mutually agreeable solution in roughly two to four sessions.  However the pace at which the mediation progresses is decided by you and your partner.  This will vary due to individual internal factors within the relationship and circumstances. This means that the mediation process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months.

Clear advice to help secure the best outcome

Beginning mediation with your ex-partner can feel uncomfortable, however, our family mediation solicitors in Stroud will be by your side at every step and will make sure to explain in detail how the process works. Our service is tailored to your specific circumstances and our team will work diligently with you and your partner to allow you to reach a mutual agreement.

At WSP solicitors, our expert family mediation solicitors in Stroud take a client-focused and collaborative approach, providing you with support from start to finish.

The individuals in our team belong to Resolution and hold accreditations as specialists in the Law Society Family Law and Children Panels. These accreditations highlight our advanced proficiency in managing even the most delicate matters.

It should be noted that mediation may not always be the most suitable solution and, our Stroud team may be able to support you with ‘Resolution Together’.

Resolution Together (which is also referred to as ‘One Solicitor, One Divorce’) allows our solicitors to represent both you and your former partner jointly. This can help to prevent any unnecessary conflict.

Contact our mediation solicitors in Stroud

For a friendly and professional mediation service, get in contact with our mediation solicitors in Stroud. Our team of expert solicitors will be on hand to answer any initial questions you may have.

Should you have any queries, our mediation solicitors in Stroud would be happy to answer them – simply use our easy-to-use online enquiry form.

Our family mediation services in Stroud

Preparation for family law mediation

Although mediation offers a less formal and adversarial approach in contrast to court proceedings, a well-defined procedure must still be followed. Therefore, it is crucial to gather comprehensive information before embarking on mediation, ensuring you are fully aware of what lies ahead.

Upon your instruction, our mediation solicitors in Stroud will provide you with initial information about the process, and make sure to prepare you for anticipated scenarios, whilst offering guidance regarding the outcomes that align with your requirements and your existing relationship with your former partner.

Throughout the mediation sessions, our team is dedicated to aiding you in exploring and deliberating upon your choices, considering your own priorities, as well as your present and future needs.

Helping you to finalise agreements made during family law mediation

After completing the mediation process, your Stroud mediator will provide a concluding document, outlining everything that has been agreed between you and your former partner.  In the case of mediation relating to children, this will likely be a parenting plan.  Where you have reached a financial agreement, this will be a document called a Memorandum of Understanding, which can then be turned into a Financial Consent Order and filed at court to become binding on the parties.

Agreeing alternative actions to family mediation

In some instances, despite several sessions of family mediation, reaching an agreement may prove difficult. If it becomes apparent that family mediation isn’t going to provide any productive results or if you or your former partner no longer wish to participate in the process, our team is equipped to collaborate with you in finding an alternative path forward.

Our solicitors in Stroud are well-versed in alternative dispute resolution approaches beyond mediation, including Collaborative Law and Resolution Together, which can be considered when suitable. Additionally, if the situation indicates that pursuing a legal route is the sole option, our solicitors in Stroud will be more than happy to provide assistance, representation and guidance throughout the court proceedings where appropriate.

Why choose WSP?

Our dedicated team of family mediation solicitors in Stroud are committed to guiding you through the complexities of family disputes with compassion, expertise, and a personalised approach. We understand the unique challenges that families face, and we’re here to provide a supportive environment for constructive dialogue and resolution.

Our Stroud based mediation experts not only bring a wealth of legal knowledge but also a deep understanding of the emotional aspects involved. We believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions that shape their family’s future. Choose WSP Family Mediation Solicitors in Stroud for a skilled, empathetic, and effective partner on your journey toward peaceful resolutions.

Contact our mediation solicitors in Stroud

For a friendly and professional mediation service, get in contact with our mediation solicitors in Stroud. Our team of expert solicitors will be at hand to answer any initial queries you may have.

Should you have any queries, our mediation solicitors in Stroud would be happy to answer – simply use our easy-to-use online enquiry form.


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