Resolution Together – One Couple One Solicitor

Resolution Together is an approach that allows lawyers to work with and advise couples jointly, including providing appropriate legal advice through the same solicitor for divorce or separation.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 has modernised divorce and brought it into the twenty first century. It allows couples to jointly apply for an amicable divorce to end their marriage together. The aim of this is to reduce conflict and encourage couples to work together to agree a way forward, which meets both their needs and those of their children.

Resolution together echoes that idea. It allows two people, who want to work together toward an agreement, to ask a solicitor to offer guidance and legal advice to both of them in relation to divorce, separation, financial issues, arrangements for children or a combination of each of those areas. Through the process, the couple can also have direct access to expert support and advice (for example from financial advisors, pension experts, neutral evaluators and family consultants) as and when they need them.

The Resolution Together approach offers clients a flexible and less positional approach to managing their separation, which helps couples reach a resolution together that also works for their family.

WSP’s family solicitors are experienced and knowledgeable experts in their field and are there to work closely and equally with both people to explain the process and procedures. The service offers each separating couple tailored advice, guidance and support throughout.

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How we can assist with divorce or separation

Resolution Together can help you divide your joint lives into future separate ones. It can help resolve any matters that have not yet been agreed and assist both parties to reach a compromise and agreement.

The approach offers separating couples flexibility, privacy and certainty. It is also usually considerably less expensive overall than using the traditional route where each party instructs their own solicitor.

Resolution Together is for those people who want to ensure a positive outcome for all concerned including children. It has the advantage that all information is shared by both people, together, at the outset. This should encourage trust and confidence and remove the common initial feeling of confrontation and being on opposing sides when parties separate.

What should you expect from our Resolution Together services?

Initial joint meeting

There will be an initial joint meeting where both parties will meet with the lawyer and discuss how Resolution Together works. Other options will also be discussed so that both parties are fully equipped to choose how they would like to proceed. Basic details of the relationship and what they want to achieve will be discussed.

Separate individual meetings

Each party will have a separate and independent meeting with the lawyer. This is for further information to be obtained regarding everyone’s objectives. Also, for the lawyer to make sure there is no reason why the Resolution Together approach might not be suitable.

Agreement for Resolution Together signed

Both parties will sign an agreement to confirm they want to continue with Resolution Together.

Joint meetings to discuss issues and try to reach an agreement

Both parties will attend as many joint meetings as are necessary to agree on the details of their separation. If this involves discussion of financial matters, both parties will need to provide financial disclosure. All information will be shared freely between parties and with their lawyer.

The need for other experts to complete the joint divorce applications will be discussed and agreed on. This might include financial advisors, pension experts, surveyors, mediators or family consultants.

Agreement is not reached or a different approach is needed

Options will be explored to resolve sticking points, this might include the couple taking separate legal advice in relation to a specific issue, a referral to an early neutral evaluator, mediator, arbitrator or arranging a private dispute resolution hearing.

If matters cannot be resolved, or either of the couple wishes to make an application to the court other than for an order by consent, the lawyer working with them through the Resolution Together method will not be able to continue to advise the couple and the retainer will come to an end

If further legal advice is required by the couple, they will each then need to seek advice from their own independent solicitor.

Frequently asked questions about Resolution Together

Is it not just mediation by another name?

It is true that some of the principles relating to Resolution Together are closely aligned to other dispute resolution approaches, such as mediation. However, Resolution Together provides an advice-based service where both clients can receive advice, including legal advice on a jointly beneficial basis. That is not possible in mediation.

Generally, those who choose Resolution Together will not be in a dispute or have a ‘conflict’ as known within law. The professional they are working with must adhere to regulations in respect to conflict of interests. Their appointed legal professional will provide advice and may also suggest that advice and assistance is obtained from others as part of the team assisting the couple.

The aim is that they will reach a decision that will be recorded in a draft order or other document and the legal professional will assist them to obtain an approved order if appropriate.

Is Resolution Together the right option for me?

As is common, not ‘one shoe fits all’. Unfortunately, Resolution Together will not be appropriate for all disputes or for all separating couples.

It is essential for both parties to want to work together, as the process involves ‘one couple, one lawyer’. It is also important that both parties are willing to be honest and transparent with all information shared. Both parties also need to be emotionally ready.

Who is Resolution Together not the right option for?

We are committed to offering a safe environment. We will therefore be alert to any risks which mean Resolution Together would not be suitable. Those cases will include but are not limited to:

  • Where there has been or continues to be any concerns about domestic abuse
  • Where there appears to be any power imbalances
  • Where there are any safeguarding issues about children or adults
  • Where there is concern that one party/both will not provide all necessary information
  • Where there are concerns one party has been pressured or pushed into the process and they do not genuinely consent or feel free to make decisions

In cases where these are issues, Resolution Together will not be suitable but other options will be explored.

What if it becomes clear that it is unsuitable for people to be working together?

Resolution Together is a comprehensive client service. The lawyer will be making a careful assessment at every stage with each individual as to the suitability and appropriateness of them starting (or continuing) working together. At an early stage, if it appears that Resolution Together is not going to be appropriate, that will be discussed with both parties and the alternatives that might be of assistance to them will also be discussed.

What if it becomes obvious that someone isn’t disclosing everything or is not telling the truth?

If there are suspicions about disclosure, voiced by an individual or which raise concerns for the appointed legal professional, then it must be addressed because to continue would fall outside the arrangements set out in the Retainer and Agreement. If it is the case that it cannot be addressed satisfactorily, then discussions need to take place about alternative means of dealing with the matter and the next steps each client should take.

Why choose WSP Solicitors’ Resolution Together services?

Reduces/removes conflict

Resolution Together can help reduce conflict during a single solicitor divorce by providing joint impartial legal advice and collaborative approaches. Our trained professionals facilitate constructive communication between parties, encouraging you to find mutually agreeable solutions. By focusing on cooperation rather than confrontation, Resolution Together promotes a more amicable and less adversarial divorce process.

Encourages parties to work together to achieve a fair outcome

Resolution Together can assist divorcing couples in working together to achieve a fair outcome. Our trained professionals facilitate open dialogue, encouraging both parties to express their concerns and interests. Through this collaborative process, Resolution Together helps couples find common ground and reach mutually satisfactory agreements, promoting fairness in the divorce settlement.

Cost effective

Resolution Together reduces the cost of divorce as it uses ‘the ‘one lawyer, two clients’ model. The service also utilises alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and collaborative approaches, which are typically less expensive than going to court. By avoiding lengthy legal battles, couples can save on legal fees and other related expenses, making Resolution Together a more affordable option.

Faster resolution

Resolution Together can expedite the process by providing efficient ‘one lawyer divorce’ services to both parties. Our trained professionals facilitate constructive communication and help couples focus on finding practical solutions. By avoiding lengthy court proceedings, Resolution Together enables divorcing couples to reach agreements faster, reducing stress and allowing for a timelier resolution.

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