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You may, like me, sometimes wonder whether our increasingly dystopian world is in fact a dream, from which we shall awake. However, as this doesn’t appear to be the case, I do find myself looking for diversions from The Atrocity Exhibition. One such has been viewing, with both bemusement and exasperation, the recent case concerning heterosexual couples seeking civil partnership status – a “marriage lite” if you will.

I know we have written here before about this issue, but this case – last week described as both “timewasting” and “tiresome” – is certainly zeitgeisty. It has brought the discrepancy between the rights on separation of married and unmarried straight couples into sharp relief, leading to calls, in certain quarters, for a change in the law, much as the recent “locked in” marriage case has provoked renewed calls for “no  fault” divorce.

One fears that these calls – no matter how loud – will fall on deaf politicians’ ears and any changes in the law are about as likely as Cameron Diaz ever making a half decent film again. The fact is that divorce reform and unmarried straight couples attaining parity with their wed counterparts quite simply are not “sexy” in political terms – there’s no vote catching in them. So, for the moment, family lawyers will just have to continue telling their unmarried, separating clients – by which time it’s usually too late – that their legal position just isn’t the same as their married or civil partnership counterparts. Meanwhile back to Dystopia…..

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