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  • In recent years there has been an increase in disputes over wills, which can be partly attributed to wills being drafted at home with ‘will packs’ or through unregulated companies offering will drafting services. In this post Stuart Geach discusses the formal requirements for creating a valid will and what actions can revoke a will.

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  • It may be a surprise to many that the often referred to status of ‘common law spouse’ does not exist in law. It is therefore important that people living together take steps to protect not only their partner’s position but also their own if something untoward should happen to the other.

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  • The cost of litigating

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    Deliberately understating the value of a claim through inventive means in a bid to avoid high issuing fees, even if the avoidance was temporary and the correct fee would be paid later, risks you having the claim struck out. Read more here.

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  • In an ideal world, all debtors would pay either in advance or on time. However, in the current climate this concept is becoming more and more unlikely. Read some of our advice here about how to get the invoice paid first.

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