Goodbye Blue Monday

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Given that we are now entering 2017 it seems appropriate that our initial article should be on Blue Monday a phrase which is bandied about by the media with monotonous regularity every January.

‘Blue Monday’ is, dependent on your perspective and age, either a 1950s toe-tapper by Fats Domino, a ground breaking electro pop hit by New Order from the 1980s, a bit of pseudoscience as to the unhappiest day of the year (allegedly the third Monday of January) or the day in January when, anecdotally and even apocryphally, the biggest number of Divorce Petitions are issued.

It is only recently that the media has latched on to the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ and the possible connection to Divorce proceedings but surely as night follows day you can bet your first footing piece of coal, tot of whisky and black bun that the same clichés about Blue Monday and Divorce Petitions issued that day will be trotted out in a few days time.

So, from a Divorce Practitioner standpoint, is Blue Monday a myth or not?  Well it may depend on which of the Family Team you actually ask.  One of our members many years ago worked in Worcester in an Office in the rarefied grounds of the Cathedral there.  His firm decided that particular year to return after the Christmas break a day earlier than fellow Practitioners and therefore imagine his, and his employers’ surprise to discover at 8.30 a.m. on the first day back from the Christmas break to find a queue outside the Office door and a queue exclusively for his Matrimonial advice.

Invariably ‘breaking points’ and ‘points of no return’ are reached over the festive period.  Similar surges in new Divorce related work do occur at the end of the summer holidays for similar reasons.  However it has to be said that the above view is not universally shared by all members of the Family Team although we do usually adopt a fairly united front.

What can be said is that irrespective of whether Matrimonial difficulties arise in the depths of Winter or at the height of Summer (or any points in between) our Team have the capabilities and the capacity to deal with any such difficulties in a caring, conciliatory but (if necessary) robust manner. Please contact us for further information or advice.


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