Why should you use a Resolution lawyer?

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The breakdown of a relationship is often traumatic and stressful, and the idea of getting involved in potentially difficult legal correspondence in order to sort out the finances or arrangements for the children can be too difficult to face.

However, the guidance and advice of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable on ensuring the best outcome for your family, now and in the future.

Resolution lawyers are members of a 6,500 strong organisation, and each one of us has signed up to a code of conduct which ensures cases are managed in a constructive and holistic way. They recognise that even after a relationship ends there may need to be ongoing communication, particularly where there are children involved.

A Resolution lawyer won’t write letters which threaten or seek to put pressure on another party; they will listen to clients and try and help them make decisions which will benefit them in the long term, rather than focus on the immediate aftermath of the break-up.

This week is Resolution’s Good Divorce Week. As members of Resolution, we are supporting their campaign in the hope of finding #abetterway for our clients. You can find out more here: http://www.resolution.org.uk/editorial.asp?page_id=16

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