WSP Solicitors lead new ways of working with Digital Identification Technology

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In the last 12 months’ whole industries have had to go remote, in some cases this change had to happen overnight for business continuity.

The legal sector has been no different. New technologies, efficiencies and ways of working have had to be adopted across the entire profession. This has not been an easy switch, considering the legal profession is such a hands-on, personal service often involving physical documents.

In March 2020 WSP Solicitors saw the first solution towards a contact-free legal service was to tackle the issue of client identification.

Due to increased regulations and anti-money laundering purposes, lawyers need to ID check clients. WSP Solicitors Residential Property Conveyancing team have been using “Thirdfort”, a digital ID checker, provider by “Lawyer Checker”. The app based technology allows clients to submit their ID for verification all at the touch of a button, completely remotely.

The process is as follows

  • Scan your ID.
  • Take a “selfie” video of your face.
  • Link directly to your bank statements.


Before this, clients would have to bring multiple forms of ID to an office and fill in an array of forms to satisfy the regulations. Thirdfort makes this whole process quicker, easier, more efficient and most importantly, completely remote meaning you do it from the comfort of your own home.

The security of new technologies such as this is of high importance to the firm. Thirdfort is FCA regulated, fully insured and uses end-to end encryption to make sure your data and information is secure. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) support firms making decisions to use new technologies to make services more efficient for clients.


It is really important to us as a business that we are providing the best client experience we can and more often these days, relying on technology is a great way for us to do that. If we can make the service sleeker, easier and more efficient for our clients in what are still very abnormal times then we feel that is a great success.


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