SME exit strategy crisis

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Peter Mardon – Head of Company Commercial Law about SME exit strategy crisis

Over 60% of SMEs do not have an exit strategy, leaving them with an uncertain future.

A SME exit strategy should top the list of the most important things for the small business owner to put in place.

WSP Solicitors have been privileged to act for many successful SMEs from the initial business concept through start-up, growth, consolidation and exit. Having an exit strategy in place gives meaning to your business plan. We encourage business owners to picture what their business will look like at the point of exit, for example, when it is at its peak performance ready for sale. We call this picture “the Future Perfect” and then work with you to put in place a plan now so all the necessary steps to get you from where you are today to that Future Perfect can be put in place.

It is great for a business owner to have that wider vision and gives meaning to and can help you get through the challenges ahead. If you are a business with ambitions we’d love to hear from you, learn about your business and help you realise your ambitions.

There has never been anything more satisfying to us than to be part of a client’s start-up and be part of your journey growing a successful business and eventually selling it. In the past few months alone we have sold three businesses for clients with whom we have been involved with for over fifteen years.

If you have a vision for your business, the key to your exit strategy is preparation. It is inevitable one day that you will exit your business, so it is important to plan early and plan carefully.

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