Removing one of the myths of Family Law

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There are several recurring “urban myths” in Family Law and one concerns the effect of a Decree Absolute. In divorce proceedings it is the Decree Absolute which ends the marriage between the parties. The making of a Decree Absolute can have certain financial implications particularly if a financial settlement has not been reached or determined, particularly with reference to pensions. However, what a Decree Absolute does not do, despite many opposing comments,a is prevent either spouse from making a financial application to the Court.

It is remarriage, not Decree Absolute, which can act in certain circumstances as a bar to a party seeking a financial settlement or order. This is one pitfall that needs to be avoided, particularly in these days when, due to economic constraints, there are an increasing number of parties acting in person in divorce proceedings. It is important to, at the very least, have issued a financial relief application prior to remarrying.

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