Refuge from Domestic Abuse

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Rock and A Hard Place

The Chantry Centre, Lister Hall, Dursley, saw a performance of Rock and a Hard Place on Sunday evening. We took the opportunity to join the audience. Written by Lynn Morris and performed by Journeymen Theatre, the play is a ‘theatre of witness’ on domestic abuse. It is being launched in Gloucestershire, before touring nationally. 

Based on a true story, together with the combined true life experiences shared by other women, the play explores the complex nature of domestic abuse. Ranging from coercion in its many forms to women’s deaths at the hands of abusive partners.

Rock and a  Hard Place also reveals the impact of funding cuts on the refuge system and on support available for women and is an appeal to all of us to both recognise and highlight this major human rights issue in our own communities.

Commissioned by Gloucestershire Quakers, it is free to book a performance of Rock and a Hard Place, and all profits from this play will be used to support the work of women’s refuges both in the Gloucestershire area and nationally.  The next performance will be on 8th March at The Sundial Theatre, Cirencester.

Domestic Abuse and Solicitors

 “People sometimes find it hard to open up to solicitors as they think we may only view domestic abuse from a legal perspective. I have worked with and been trained by Women’s Aid and I would like to think that I am able to empathise.” Amie Calder, Family solicitor.

As part of a Refuge’s training session Amie has given talks regarding child contact, injunctions and legal aid. “We hope this will help refuge workers to know when a client will qualify for legal aid, when they may need to apply to the court for an order, or when we would be able to assist by starting to write to the other side to see if matters can be agreed”.

As a Firm we are able to offer Legal Aid to our clients in relation to family matters. Legal aid is only now available if there is evidence of child abuse or to victims of domestic abuse. We often advise victims of domestic abuse and assist them.

If you think you might be experiencing domestic abuse, WSP have an experienced family team who can advise you. Please contact Amie Calder on 01453 847222, or email

Domestic Abuse support services:

National Domestic Violence Helpline (24 hours) 0808 2000 247

National Centre for Domestic Violence (24 hour) 0844 8044 999

National Stalking Helpline 0800 132 737 – National Centre for Domestic Violence – Refuge – Women’s Aid


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