Resolution: Reforming Family Law

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Last month Resolution, the Family Lawyers organisation, congratulated Liz Truss on her appointment as the new Secretary of State for Justice. In response to the announcement the Chair vowed that Resolution will continue to work to convince the Lord Chancellor and her colleagues of the need for reform of family law in order to improve the lives of separating and separated families across England and Wales.

Resolution stressed that reform would need to include removing the legal need for divorcing couples to blame each other. ‘Blame’ is perceived as a major obstacle to the amicable resolution of disputes between divorcing couples and keeping such disputes from the costly Court arena. “No fault” divorces have been talked about for many years and (even in the late 1990s) were seemingly going to be implemented, therefore there appears to be growing opinion in favour of such reform.
In the light of recent statistics showing that cohabiting couples now comprise nearly ten percent of the population, the law needs to catch up to reflect this shift. Irrespective of views on marriage, legal protection needs to be offered and extended to cohabitees upon break-up to ensure that a lack of awareness over their legal rights does not unfairly penalise or prejudice them.
Resolution will continue to offer constructive advice and feedback to the Government even when faced with difficult decisions that put access to justice at risk. Resolution perceives itself as a “critical friend” to the new Lord Chancellor when circumstances call for it.
The hope was expressed that Miss Truss will have a positive view of Resolution’s work to encourage separating parents to put the best interests of their children first.
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