Mother’s Day 2020

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Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. Being a mum and building your career can be demanding but not impossible.

At WSP we have a huge population of women working here (over 90%!). We understand the difficulties mums can face by being at work. Some of our colleagues have found a great balance between both.


Louise Kelly Solicitor

“Being a mum is the best most rewarding and often challenging job. So too is being a family solicitor! Helping people through difficult and emotional times can also be very challenging. I have always wanted to be a family solicitor and became a mum. I knew that although I wanted nothing more than to be a mum I wanted to retain the professional career I had worked hard to obtain. I have found the perfect balance in working part time. This means I can spend quality time with my children but also continue to develop my professional career and continue to help people that need it. To anyone doubting they can have a family and a professional career they can. My advice is to strike the perfect balance that suits you between the two. It is definitely possible to be both and to thrive.”

Louise Kelly


“Juggling being a Mum and having a career is tough. You have to balance your time between giving your children enough attention, attending school events, caring for them when they’re sick and generally having the time to bond and make memories with them, whilst still holding down a career, training and networking, all on top of running a household.

Holly Pollard Paralegal

I chose to work when both of my children were born for financial reasons but also wanted to maintain my own identity and have my own goals and successes instead of just being ‘Mum’. I also wanted to give my children someone to look up to, to make them proud and to show that working hard pays off.

I worked full time after my son was born but felt that I missed out on too much of his early years and so decided to work part time when by daughter came along and now feel that I have the correct balance.

My advice to women that are thinking about motherhood, whilst still maintaining a career, would be not to put too much pressure on yourself to get the right balance straight away. You may change your mind on what you want to do when the baby has arrived. Its best to find what’s right for you, your family and your career as you go.”

Holly Pollard


Happy Mother’s Day from WSP Solicitors


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    Mother's Day