Family Law FAQs: Coronavirus

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Our Family Law experts answer some frequently asked questions, that our clients have asked us during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Can Social Services stop my contact with my child?

You may have been informed by social services that contact with your child has been stopped. This is due to the risks associated with the spread of Coronavirus and the governments’ guidance about social distancing and self-isolation to reduce the spread of the virus. We understand and empathise with how difficult and upsetting this must be to hear and deal with.

The local authority does have a duty to promote contact with a child in its care and their birth parents. As such you are still able to have indirect contact such a telephone or video calls where possible. It is likely the duration of these calls will be shorter than what you used to have during contact. However, try to use this time positively with your child maybe read a story, sing songs, play games.

The main thing to remember is this is not forever and direct contact should commence as soon as it is safe to do so.



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