Tips to stay safe on two wheels

Tips to stay safe on two wheels

When an accident occurs between a motor vehicle and a bike, it is often the cyclist who is most likely to be injured. We have put together some top tips to stay safe on two wheels. First, here are some facts about fatal accidents: In 2015, two pedestrians were killed and 96 seriously injured after […]

How to stay safe during the darker winter nights

stay safe during the darker nights

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in, the likelihood of an accident happening increases along with the start of winter and the changeable weather. Here are a few ways to help you stay safe during the darker nights and the legal options available if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault.

What should I do if I have an accident on holiday?

Lisa Walton Personal Injury Solicitor Stroud

Our top tips for what to do if you have an accident on holiday If you are unlucky enough to have an accident on holiday, the last thing on your mind is going to be pursuing a personal injury claim. When we’re enjoying ourselves and relaxing with family and friends either here in the UK […]

Accidents on the Farm

Accidents on the farm

We’re backing the campaign to halve the number of farm-related deaths by 2023 Farms can be dangerous places and have a bad safety record. In fact, the agricultural industry has the worst safety record of any other industry in the country. It suffers from a much higher number of fatal injuries, despite only a small […]

Staying safe with a Powered Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter

Lisa Walton Personal Injury Solicitor Stroud

Powered Wheelchairs and Scooters The use of mobility scooters has increased in recent years, and so indeed has the problem of incidents involving one. Here are a few facts you might not know, and how to keep safe when using one. Did you know there are 3 classes of wheelchair? The manual wheelchair that is […]

Can you claim compensation for accidents caused by potholes?

Lisa Walton Personal Injury Solicitor Stroud

When left unrepaired potholes in roads and pavements can be a hazard to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. These potholes could mean a trip to the garage, or they could mean something a lot more serious. When you are cycling, hitting a pothole can cause serious injury. Equally if you trip on a pothole or […]

Head of Personal Injury, Demelza Pallant, becomes Partner

Demelza Pallant, Personal Injury Director at WSP Solicitors Stroud

WSP creates new partner in the firm, Head of Personal Injury It is with great pleasure that WSP Solicitors announce the promotion of Demelza Pallant (Head of Personal Injury), from Associate solicitor to Partner. Demelza Pallant qualified as a solicitor in 2003, and specialised as a personal injury solicitor almost immediately upon qualifying. She joined […]

Why use a Local Solicitor for a Personal Injury Claim

Demelza Pallant, Personal Injury Director at WSP Solicitors Stroud

Why should I use a local solicitor for my personal injury claim? Demelza Pallant, Personal Injury Senior Litigator, at WSP Solicitors writes about six benefits of using a local solicitor over a nationwide personal injury advice company. 1. Experience At WSP Solicitors we have three highly experienced personal injury specialists, one of whom has achieved the […]

Is every Personal Injury claim bad news for an employer?

Demelza Pallant, Personal Injury Director at WSP Solicitors Stroud

Are personal injury claims always bad news? As an employer or business owner you could be forgiven for thinking that seeing paperwork from solicitors suggesting a personal injury claim is bad news, but it is not necessarily the case. Solicitors are not the bad guys.  The success of any case depends upon specific circumstances.  Not […]

The ‘Act of God’ Defence

John Davies Personal Injury Chartered Legal Executive Stroud

How the ‘Act of God’ Defence can affect your Personal Injury Claim Hurricane Irma saw winds of up to 185mph causing widespread and catastrophic damage particularly in parts of the north-eastern Caribbean and the Florida Keys. Here in the UK we experienced Storm Aileen, our first named storm of the year. There was no connection between […]