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Getting married or entering into a civil partnership can be one of the most important days of your life, but such a commitment can have negative implications should the marriage or civil partnership break down in the future. To protect your finances, putting a prenuptial agreement is place is a recommended safety measure.

Prenups can clearly set out a couple’s assets and how these will be dealt with should the relationship break down. Such an agreement can help to save time and money, reduce the potential of acrimony between ex-partners and ensure that your assets are protected.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Gloucester can provide sound advice and guidance on properly drafting an agreement that suits your needs and protects your financial interests.

At WSP Solicitors, the family law team has assisted clients through all types of prenuptial agreement matters, using their vast knowledge and skill. We have worked with clients with a range of individuals, from those with a smaller amount of assets to protect, to high net worth clients. Choosing to instruct the WSP prenuptial agreement team can guarantee a completely bespoke service, with a document tailored specifically to both your and your partner’s circumstances.

Supportive advice for all types of prenuptial agreement matters

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors have extensive expertise in matters including:

  • Preliminary advice before making a prenuptial agreement
  • Negotiating an agreement
  • Advice on a prenuptial agreement your partner has asked you to sign
  • Advice on the application of prenup during divorce or separation

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The right approach for you

Delivering a tailored service is important to the WSP Solicitors family law team. Our solicitors ensure each client receives a personalised service specified to their situation and financial position.

No matter the service acquired, whether you are receiving prenuptial advice or are applying your agreement during divorce or separation, our lawyers will keep you fully informed and be on hand to address any queries or concerns you may have.

Beth Evans heads our family law department and is supported by a team of talented and knowledgeable individuals. Beth has over two decades of expertise in all types of family law matters, including prenuptial agreements. Beth and many other many of the team are members of Resolution, a network of family law professionals dedicated to non-contentious family law resolution.

The family law team’s skills are awarded by the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation, which carefully assesses the level of client care and practice management the WSP Solicitor provides.

How we can help you with prenuptial agreements

Preliminary advice before making a prenuptial agreement

Entering into a prenuptial agreement with your partner is a significant decision to make prior to marriage or civil partnership. For this reason, it is essential to acquire sound legal advice to fully understand how a prenuptial agreement can impact you, both positively and negatively, in the event of divorce.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Gloucester have a wealth of knowledge and expertise advising couples on what a prenuptial agreement. We can offer detailed information about the benefits and limitations of having such a financial provision in place.

Negotiating an agreement 

If you have a clear understanding of what a prenup is and decide to proceed forward with putting one in place, there are many aspects to consider when drafting and negotiating an agreement. A specialist solicitor for prenuptial agreements can guide you through the process, ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Our prenuptial solicitors in Gloucester can assess your financial position and provide guidance on what needs to be included in your agreement. We can offer assistance with negotiating terms that best suit your circumstances and does not implement you or any children should the relationship break down.

Advice on a prenuptial agreement your partner has asked you to sign 

If your partner has presented you with a prenuptial agreement, it’s advisable to seek the guidance of a prenuptial agreement solicitor. Our experts at WSP Solicitors will ensure that you are aware of what a prenuptial agreement is, the requirements when entering one and ensure that the agreement positively reflects your finances.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Gloucester can take the time to carefully overview your prenuptial agreement, reviewing the terms set and ensuring that your interests are protected. We can answer any queries and concerns you may have and should the terms not be in your favour, carry out negotiations with your partner and their respective solicitor, finding terms that best suit you both.

Advice on the application of prenup during divorce or separation

If your marriage or civil partnership should unfortunately break down in the future, and you have a prenuptial agreement in place, so long as it was correctly drafted, the courts will consider it as applicable.

Our Gloucester prenuptial solicitors have worked with many clients going through divorce or dissolution, advising them on their prenuptial agreement and if it is applicable to their situation. We will assist you with the financial divorce settlement process of divorce, ensuring that your agreement is considered, either through voluntary negotiations or in the event of court proceedings.

Should your circumstances have changed since signing a prenup, we can provide advice and hands-on support on the suitable options available to you.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors fees in Gloucester

At WSP Solicitors, we make it a priority that our fees reflect the quality of our legal services. We closely look at the fees of other similar law firms, ensuring we are offering competitive prices.

To find out more information on the funding options available at WSP Solicitors, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team.

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