Staff Story – Silas Miller

“I joined the business as Marketing Manager in 2019, after working in marketing across a variety of industries. WSP Solicitors supported me greatly to understand the legal profession, coming from a non-legal background. I was also supported to undertake my Level 6 Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and currently whilst I am studying towards an MBA. In 2022 I became Head of Marketing & Business Development and was invited to join the board of directors as a shareholder in the business. The opportunities afforded to me at WSP Solicitors have been career-defining and I am now at the beginning of a hugely exciting journey as board director and co-owner of the business. After recently re-defining our Core Values (our WSP DNA), I think we are a business that really knows who our people are and we want more people to join us!”

Silas’ top tip – Always check that a company’s core values align with your own. This will be key to get across in applications and at interview stage.


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