Staff Story – Rebecca Francis

“Conveyancing at WSP is great because it’s interesting and fast-paced, the work varies so much it never gets boring. You get to work with a variety of clients and properties, and it’s so rewarding to help people with one of the biggest purchases of their life. As a former Postie, I could never imagine getting promoted to a Paralegal after only 8 months as a legal assistant with no previous knowledge of conveyancing or law at all, but WSP made it all possible with so much help and support. It’s so important to have great colleagues as they make the job more enjoyable and fulfilling and back you throughout every step of your career and everyone at WSP definitely fits into the category of great colleagues.”

Rebecca’s top tip – “It’s important to highlight any relevant experience and skills for the job. It’s also important to research the firm and tailor your application to fit our work culture without compromising who you are.”


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