What actually is a personal injury claim and how can the WSP team help?

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At WSP solicitors we have three highly experienced personal injury specialists who start every claim by talking with the injured person directly to try and understand their personal injury claim.


We negotiate with the other side’s representatives when they have failed to comply with the law to obtain the best settlement we can, making sure that the full effects of the injury or illness are considered, as well as the impact it has on their family.


We will obtain the necessary medical evidence to establish the injury or illness and sometimes we can help the recovery process by arranging treatment and operations if they are needed. If we feel that the person has suffered because somebody or a company has not complied with the law, we can represent them on a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement.


We also recover the financial losses which the injured person has reasonably incurred as a result of the accident or illness. This can include future financial losses.
For legal advice on a personal injury and to discuss your personal circumstances please email demelzapallant@wspsolicitors.com.



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