The benefits of instructing a lawyer to deal with your personal injury claim

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Demelza Pallant – Personal Injury Solicitor

When someone has had an accident, they often wish to deal with a claim for compensation by themselves. However, there are many reasons why you should consider seeking legal representation when bringing a claim.


A specially trained Personal Injury Lawyer will be fully competent in dealing with all of the issues which may arise during the course of a claim. This would include anything from dealing with the legal arguments raised by the defendant, arranging rehabilitation for you, to obtaining financial losses, together with the compensation you deserve for your injury.


Unfortunately, when someone who has been involved in an accident deals directly with the other party, they may be given misleading or incorrect information regarding their claim. A Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to provide you with clear, correct advice throughout the claim, and will look out for your best interests at all times.


At WSP Solicitors, we offer a No Win No Fee service for personal injury claims. This funding can be beneficial to claimants for a number of reasons, but is particularly helpful if your claim is not successful, as you will not have to pay any fees to your solicitors. If your claim is successful, there may be some deductions from your settlement, but these are capped and you will keep the majority of your damages.


We will fund expenses relating to your claim as the matter proceeds, including court fees. These costs are recovered from the Defendant if the claim succeeds, or may be recovered from an insurance policy taken out for you if the claim is unsuccessful.


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