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You may have decided to get healthy as we enter the new year. Hopefully some of these resolutions have stuck! Deciding to take up a new sport, start a new diet for example. Here are a few things you might not have thought of as you embark on something new particularly if you have decided to brave the great outdoors. How to be stay safe and stay healthy at the same time:

  1. Visibility – Make sure your clothing is appropriate. You need to be seen by others, easy to identify.  Think about using reflective clothing, head torches or ensure if on a bicycle that you have suitable lighting at the front and back.  If taking a dog with you make sure they are easy to see too.
  2. Your Senses – Use them. This may seem obvious but is definitely something that has health benefits if you listen to those who champion mindfulness.  Listening to the trees, the wind, the birds making the effort to really connect with nature.  There is a safety aspect to this too if you like having your headphones on so you can listen to your favourite music or podcast how loud is it?  You must ensure you can still hear the traffic around you.  Electric cars are more common and much quieter, someone on a bicycle is hard to hear coming, what about a dog who is coming up behind you. It is much easier to be safe and healthy while using all your senses.
  3. Footwear – always something to be careful about. Make sure what you wear on your feet is appropriate for the activity walking or jogging.  Appropriate for the terrain you are on rocks, mud, and sand.  You don’t want to injure yourself when the use of appropriate footwear could have avoided it or reduced the severity.
  4. Plan your Route – Getting out in the great outdoors sounds simple. It doesn’t cost anything but if you are trying something new, going somewhere you have never been before just like you would for a car journey planning your jog or walk is important too.  It will make you aware of terrain, potential hazards and more likely that others will be able to find you if something goes wrong.  Make sure people know where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.
  5. Weather – the British weather is always changing you do not want to get caught out. Do not set out without checking you are prepared for the weather you are likely to encounter.
  6. Food – take snacks and drinks with you, if trying a new diet check the ingredients on new products purchased to ensure you are not allergic, make sure you follow cooking directions particularly if you have never cooked the product before.
  7. Equipment – Walking sticks are not just for the old but can help greatly if walking over uneven terrain and have health benefits protecting your knees or if using correctly help with the calories that are burned. Make sure your bicycle has been serviced particularly if it has been gathering dust in the back of the shed for ages before you decide to take it out on a long road trip. A helmet too is essential when using a bicycle and recommended for scooter use too along with elbow and knee pads.  A roller skating experience with your kids may sound a great idea but when was the last time you put on a pair of roller skates the safety equipment if used might just prevent an accident from happening.  Your mobile is also a piece of modern day equipment that could save you if you get lost or injured as long as you have charged it of course and do not lose reception!  Plan for these possibilities relying solely on a GPS connection may not be a wise move.
  8. Social – getting out and about exercising does not have to be solitary going with friends and family can help the time go by more quickly, make it more enjoyable and easier to reach any goals you may have set yourself. Friendly rivalry could also help.  Taking the dog with you can give the activity an additional purpose.  Simply spending time with friends and family chatting is known to improve mood so could give you that extra boast.


These hacks will help you be safe and healthy but if the worst does happen though and you end up being involved in an accident that was not your fault you may be able to make a personal injury claim.  For legal advice please contact Lisa Walton, Demelza Pallant or John Davies.

Safe and Healthy


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