What can our Personal Injury team do for you?

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Whilst most of us are familiar with the term “personal injury”, not many of us are aware of what is involved in pursuing a claim for an injury or illness.


A claim for personal injury can be made after an accident has happened, either at work, in a public place or on the road. Personal injury claims can also be made by those who have suffered an illness, which can happen if they have not been provided with the correct protective work wear or have been exposed to harmful substances.


Our personal injury team will meet with you to discuss the claim and take full details. We will then investigate the claim for you, and advise you whether you have grounds to bring a claim for your injuries.


Our team will consider whether liability can be established against the Defendant, who caused your injuries. In order to be successful in a personal injury claim, we need to show that the Defendant did something, or omitted to do something, and that this caused the accident.


Once we are confident that we can prove that the Defendant is responsible, we need to obtain evidence to show that your injury was caused by the accident – this includes both physical injuries and any psychological symptoms you have. To do this, we instruct an independent consultant to prepare a full report on your injuries and ongoing symptoms. If you are still suffering they may suggest treatments to help you recover.


Our personal injury team will also discuss your financial losses with you, so that they can be included in your claim. These can range from loss of earnings, to travelling expenses and treatment costs, for example if you have had to pay for physiotherapy. It is important to keep hold of any documents you have which relate to the expenses you are claiming, so that our team can help you to recover them.


The specialist personal injury team at WSP always ensure that every element of your claim is fully investigated and dealt with before settling your claim for you. We offer a first hour appointment for free and can then advise you on a “no win no fee” basis for the rest of your claim.


If you would like to find out more about bringing a claim or more about our personal injury services please email demelzapallant@wspsolicitors.com.


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