Handling your own personal injury claim? 5 things to watch for

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People are more aware of their own rights these days and this can lead them to want to handle their own personal injury claims.
Here are five things to watch out for and keep in mind if you are looking to deal with your claim yourself:-
What documentation is the other side entitled to?
The other side may ask for copies of a variety of documents. It is important to know what they are entitled to and what you are entitled to deny them access to. For example, do you want them to see your personal GP records? Are they entitled to these documents?
Know the procedures to follow
The Civil Procedure Rules have various protocols for personal injury cases which set out guidelines you must follow in a claim. There are implications on both parties if these are not complied with and it is important to know the rules that affect you and to know if the other side are breaching the rules which affect them.
Know the value of your injury
When an offer is made to you to settle your case, how do you know if it is a good offer or not? Take time to research the value of your injury (referred to as General Damages in a personal injury claim). Each injury will usually have a bracket. Negotiate with the other side.
Know the losses you can include in your claim
In addition to the injury you are also entitled to include reasonable financial losses you have incurred as a result of the accident or the injury in your claim. Make sure you include these and you know what evidence is required to support them as they can often be as important as the injury itself.
Remember, you are representing your interests and the other side are representing their interest
Be willing to stand up for yourself. The other side will have their own interests at heart when they are dealing with your claim and you will have to ensure that you are representing your own interests and not being swayed by their eagerness to settle your claim quickly.
If you have any questions or need assistance with a personal injury claim, please contact Demelza Pallant by email demelzapallant@wspsolicitors.com, call 01453 847200 or visit one of our offices in Stroud, Dursley or Gloucester.


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