Personal Injury Claims for Scarring after an accident

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Scarring can have lasting effects that often go beyond what people can see.

Lisa Walton, Personal Injury Solicitor at WSP Solicitors examines how we can help you if you have been scarred from something that was not your fault.

What is scarring?

Personal injury claims often involve scarring.  The initial injury itself may not seem that serious but you could be left with a scar.  Scars can heal and fade but are often permanent reminders of an injury you might simply want to forget about.

How is a scarring claim assessed?

A personal injury claim does not only look at the initial injury, for instance a deep laceration, which may heal fairly quickly within a few weeks and seem minor overall. It will also take into consideration if the healing has not been complete and you have been left with a visible scar.

The valuing of scaring claims depends on a number of factors.  The location of the scar is important.  A scar on a part of your body that is easily covered by clothing perhaps might be less valuable when compared to a scar that is on your face.

How visible the scar is, is important too.  Can it be seen from a distance, at a conversational distance or only when up close?  The size of the scar and colour of the scar also play role as does the psychological impact of the scarring on the individual concerned. Does the scarring cause pins and needles, or hurt in certain types of weather. Also whether surgery could help or has helped improve the scarring. All of this will affect the value of a potential claim.

Can I make a claim if I have been burned?

If we are able to establish that someone else was at fault for the burn you sustained, then yes we are able to claim for the burn and any scarring that results from it.

Here are a few examples:

  • You received a burn from a faulty machine you touched and were completely unaware it was hot at the time you touched it, due to no warning signs being in place and normally it would not be hot.
  • If a colleague was negligently running with a hot kettle, then tripped over an item in the walkway that should not be there and you were burned by the hot water spill.
  • A child burning themselves on something hot while left unattended whilst in a nursery setting.

We are happy to discuss any burn related injury scenarios with you to see whether there is potential for a claim under your specific circumstances.

To discuss all aspects of your case further with us, you can contact Lisa directly here or by filling in the form in the sidebar of this page. Alternatively, you can call us on 01453 847200 

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