Personal injury claims against employers

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Demelza Pallant – Personal Injury Solicitor

At WSP Solicitors, our Personal Injury Team is experienced in handling all types of claims for injuries as a result of accidents at work. We frequently find that many people who sustain an injury at work are unwilling to contact us to make a claim, usually because they are concerned about losing their job or of being treated unfavourably as a result of bringing a claim against their employer.


Whilst we understand this fear, the welfare and rights of employees who make claims are safeguarded in law against employers and we have experienced employment specialists who advise on employment matters should the need arise.


Once the claim has been registered with the employer it is the employer’s insurance company who handle the matter, who we deal with directly rather than the employer.


An injured person normally has 3 years from the date of the accident to bring a personal injury claim. However, delaying bringing a claim for an accident at work can make the claim harder to win. Over time, important evidence may be destroyed or lost. People who witnessed the accident may forget or move away meaning that important evidence to support the claim is lost. We are all human and over time your recollection of events becomes less detailed.


The sooner a claim is brought the better the evidence is in support of it, which in turn increases the likelihood of us obtaining a more favourable result for you.


Contacting us as soon as possible means we have enough time to fully investigate the claim for you and to obtain all of the evidence we need.
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