Personal Injury Claim Reforms

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Personal Injury Claim Reforms have been announced by the government, which may come into force as soon as April 2017. They are, in essence, designed to reduce the number of personal injury claims being made.

Whilst this aspect of the law might be regarded as being a ‘compensation culture’ it is always important to remember that any legitimate individual’s personal injury claim starts with negligence; whether you are in a car accident, at the hands of a negligent employer or experience an injury due to someone not adequately maintaining their property. A claim begins with an injustice to that person which goes onto affect them physically and financially, and may well result in them not being able to return to work, or look after their family.  It is worth considering that if you were out of work because of someone else’s negligence, how long could you survive if you were not receiving your wages?


The Personal Injury Claim Reforms also suggest that a claim which is worth less than £5000 is a simple claim which can be brought without a lawyer being involved.  The threshold is currently £1000.

An injured person is able to bring their own claim without a lawyer but may encounter difficulties in doing so, no matter what the value of the claim is. Given this already stressful situation, where would you start in recovering such losses from the negligent party?  How would you establish the correct process to follow, or know when a Defendant insurance company is asking for documents that they are not entitled to, or offering a sum of money that is too low for the injury sustained?


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