New Changes to the Highway Code – Will they affect me?

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A number of changes to the highway code came into force on 29th January 2022.

Lisa Walton, Associate Solicitor in WSP Solicitors Personal Injury Claims team, runs through what the changes are and how they may affect you.

What are the changes to the highway code?

• The updates make changes to who has priority on a highway, improving a pedestrians and cyclist’s rights of way.
• There is to be no use of mobile phones when driving and increased fines for poor or dangerous driving.
• Drivers no longer have priority at junctions, traffic must stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at crossings.
• Cyclists no longer have to stay to the left hand side of the road but can drive where they feel safest. It is recommended that cyclists are treated as if they were motor vehicles giving them the needed space on the road.
• There is also a Dutch Reach recommendation for when opening your door. This encourages the user to turn their body before the door is opened, meaning they can see better and are less likely to open the door on to a cyclist.

What do the changes mean?

It is hoped the changes will make it safer for the more vulnerable road users. I feel this is great news! Being a Personal Injury Solicitor I see first-hand the impact a road accident can have when a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist is involved. They do not have the same protection afforded as a driver in a car has.

Hopefully these changes will encourage road users to be more careful, therefore reducing the chance of an accident.
If you have had an accident that was not your fault whilst out and about, please get in touch with our specialist Personal Injury Claims team. They would be more than happy to discuss your situation with you and see whether it might be worth you considering making a claim.

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