Personal Injury Claims Jargon Explained

All the key terms you need to know about personal injury claims, explained in plain English.

When it comes to legal matters, there is often a lot of jargon to wade through in order to get to grips with what you need to know, and personal injury claims are no different.

With this in mind, we have put together the following list of key personal injury terms and what they mean to help demystify things and give potential claimants a clearer picture of what they are dealing with when considering making a personal injury claim.

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Key personal injury claims terms

After the Event Policy ‘ATE’: After the Event Insurance is an insurance policy taken out when you sign the No Win No Fee Agreement. It protects you throughout the claim from being responsible for any payments if the claim is not successful.

Causation: Establishing the link between negligence/breaches of statutory duty and the injury/illness suffered.

Liability: Legal responsibility for acts or omissions.

Negligence: Failing to use the appropriate level of care and competence required in the circumstances. A negligent act or omission may result in somebody sustaining an injury.

No Win No Fee (CFA): No Win No Fee Agreements (also referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements) mean that solicitors take no payment for their work unless they win the case. If your claim is not successful, then you may be liable for the other party’s legal costs, but your ATE policy will provide insurance to cover that eventuality. If you win the case, you will receive compensation and the majority of your legal costs will be recoverable from the other side.

Occupational Illness: Diseases or medical conditions which arise as a result of exposure at work to substances such as asbestos.

Quantum: The value of your claim.

Schedule of Loss: A document which sets out the financial losses sustained as a direct result of suffering injury or disease e.g. loss of earnings, travelling expenses, cost of care.

Success Fee: The fee we charge which is based upon the amount of time we spend working on your claim. It cannot exceed 25% of the damages you are awarded.

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