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Debt Recovery Solicitors

The ongoing economic climate means many businesses are finding clients slow to pay their bills. But when delayed payment turns to non-payment, our dedicated debt recovery team is here with legal advice to help remove the stress, and to straighten things out.

Don’t let bad debtors hold your business back – legal advice for debt recovery

If you would like letters for undisputed debts, one of our legal team will meet with you, to prepare a tailor-made report on the way your business operates and your position.

Fixed fees for letters to your debtors keep your costs to a minimum. If you have a disputed debt we offer fixed fee appointments for advice on your position and the way forward.

If it’s a small claim (under £10,000) we will help you prepare your case so you can take it forward yourself, as costs aren’t generally recoverable. If it is a substantial debt we will advise you on negotiation and mediation as alternative ways of resolving the matter.

We also revise terms and conditions and credit control procedures for an affordable fixed fee.

Business can be complicated enough even without bad debtors. If your business is suffering because of late or non-payment, please get in touch for legal advice today.

What will it cost?

A full breakdown of our costs regarding debt collection can be viewed here.

Why should I use WSP?

We have a dedicated debt recovery team who have an excellent track record in getting results!

What should I bring to the first meeting?

We need to understand how your customers pay you, so all credit control documents including your terms of business, invoicing and how you chase debtors would be good to bring to the first meeting. If you are not sure, speak to one of the team when arranging the meeting and they can advise you. We also need you to bring along documents that identify you and your company for us to copy and hand straight back to you. This is because we are required by law to verify your identification.

Contact our debt recovery lawyers in Gloucestershire 

For expert advice on commercial debt recovery, please contact your local WSP branch in GloucesterStroud or Dursley today.

Small Claims Court: The term ‘Small Claims Court’ is something of a misnomer.  It is unofficial shorthand for the Small Claims Track of the County Court, a court process for claims valued £10,000 and under.

Letter of Demand: A letter of demand asks for payment within a specific time, failing which court proceeds will be issued.


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