Can I make an injury claim for losing a finger?

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Being able to work when we have the opportunity is so important, given the current climate.

But what if you are injured to the point where you can’t work for a period of time? Lisa Walton, Personal Injury Solicitor at WSP Solicitors, looks into these specific claims for loss or damage of a finger.

In what cases can you make a claim for loss or damage to a finger?

You can make a claim for a lost finger or partial loss of a finger following a work related accident if the accident was not your fault.  For example, your hand gets caught in a machine you are using and there was no protective guard around it.  Or you were fixing a piece of equipment and suddenly and without warning a part moves injuring your finger due to a colleague having done something you were unaware of.

If we are able to establish that your employer breached the duty of care they owe to you to ensure your safety whilst in the work place, we can pursue a claim on your behalf.

What should you do in the first instance?

In the first instance if such an incident happens make sure you keep records, if able take photographs of the accident scene or get someone to take them for you, note down who witnessed the incident and ensure the incident is recorded in the accident book.  Of course seek medical assistance making sure you clearly explain how the incident happened to the medical staff treating you.  However, if you get caught up in the moment which is perfectly understandable and forget to gather evidence do not worry this does not mean you will not be able to pursue a claim.

We are here to help investigate the potential for a claim and would be more than happy to discuss an enquiry with you at no cost.

What does the Personal Injury Claims Process Involve?

Do not worry about the claims process as we have lots of experience in running claims involving employers.

We appreciate the sensitive nature of making such a claim particularly if the claim is against your current employer and know how to help.  The claims process will be explained as the claim progresses to you.  The benefit of having a professional involved in your claim is that we can take the pressure off you and deal with it on your behalf.

Firstly, we will take details from you about the accident, we will then submit details of your claim to your employer’s insurers, we will fully investigate liability, we will then look at your injuries arrange for a medical expert to be instructed and discuss with you the potential for pursuing a claim that includes financial losses such as a loss of earnings.

After the claim has been valued we will look to try and settle the claim if liability has not been in dispute and if it has and we cannot reach agreement with the other side we can look with you at starting court proceedings so that a Judge can assist us in reaching a conclusion to your claim.

For full information on how the claims process works please visit here 

So, how much could a claim for losing a finger be worth?

The valuation of claims varies greatly.  The value of the physical injury is not often the most valuable aspect of a person’s claim.  For instance, a permanent loss of earnings or the future need for care could easily outweigh the initial injury value.  We use a variety of tools to assist in the valuation of injury claims, our own experience, that of colleagues, case law and the Judicial College Guidelines.

“The hands are cosmetically and functionally the most important component parts of the upper limbs. The loss of a hand is valued not far short of the amount which would be awarded for the loss of the arm itself. The upper end of any bracket will generally be appropriate where the injury is to the dominant hand.” – Judicial College Guidelines: 15th Edition

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