When is the best time to make a personal injury claim?

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Demelza Pallant – Personal Injury Solicitor

You may have grounds to bring a personal injury claim but you may not realise it yet. Alternatively, you may know you have grounds to bring a claim but are unsure when to do so. There are many advantages in bringing a claim shortly after the accident – where possible.


If there is a company responsible for the accident, it can be obvious to think that a claim can be made against them. However, a claim for personal injury can also be made where it is an individual who has caused the accident. For example, the owner of a dog who has bitten someone, or the owner of a motorised scooter that runs someone over at a zebra crossing.


If someone has suffered an illness caused by asbestos, it is important that the claim is made as soon as possible, which is usually when a medical professional has connected the symptoms to previous exposure to asbestos, even if they are still carrying out tests. Claims can also be brought on behalf of the estate of someone who suffered an asbestos related illness.


Asbestos exposure does not have to have been at work for there to be grounds to bring a claim. In some cases, exposure may have occurred when visiting places where asbestos was used or in the home where fibres may have been carried in on clothing.
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