Accidents this Christmas. Can you make a claim?

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Christmas is approaching fast and this year especially is set to be full of wonderful celebrations with friends, family and work colleagues many of whom we have not seen for a long time.

But what can you do if you sustain an injury over the holiday period? Lisa Walton, Associate Solicitor in WSP Solicitors Personal Injury Claims Team looks at some common Christmas injuries and how to avoid them.

As we begin to plan the festivities please give a little consideration to the things that could keep you safe and accident free this Christmas.

Accidents when putting up Christmas Decorations

There are many accidents associated with the setting up and taking down of decorations or simply due to the fact there are decorations in unexpected places.

  • Accidents with ladders.
  • Accidents with electrics, such as lights.
  • Accidents involving walking into decorations or decorations falling down.
  • Think about little children and pets perhaps swallowing decorations as they looked so inviting or climbing onto the tree.

Think carefully about how you set up your decorations and make sure the fuses and electrics being used are safe.  Make sure to check that plug sockets are not overloaded and wires are not loose or simply lights are not being left on too long.

Accidents involving Food and drink

I know excessive eating and drinking is exactly what is expected at this time of year but care needs to be taken.

  • Trying food you are not accustomed to or don’t realise has an ingredient in that you are allergic too
  • Ensuring food is cooked correctly or not left out on the buffet table too long when it really should be kept chilled.
  • Make sure best before dates are still checked easily missed when fridges and freezers are at breaking point just in case you fancy another treat it is easy to forget what is there and how long it has been there for. The same with leftovers –  be careful!  Food poisoning and allergic reactions need to be avoided.
  • Drinking too much alcohol means you are less in control which in turn can lead to accidents. And if driving stay away from alcohol all together.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain injury over the festive period in an incident which was not your fault you may be able to make a claim.  Please get in touch with our local Personal Injury Claims specialists today here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01453847200.

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