Accidents at a Work Christmas Party

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Work Christmas Parties are a wonderful opportunity to connect with co-workers and celebrate the season. But what if an accident occurs at the work Christmas Party?

Lisa Walton, Associate Solicitor in WSP Solicitors’ Personal Injury Claims Team examines accidents at Work Christmas Parties and how you can make a claim if they occur.

This year Christmas Parties will be especially important as many of us have only seen our colleagues through a screen.  There probably are many new faces that have joined your teams too, who you have yet to chat with in a social setting. However, don’t forget that whilst you are in a social setting with work colleagues the workplace rules may still apply, which you may be surprised means you have rights if you sustain an injury which is not your fault.

Most people would never expect they would be injured whilst at a work party but it can happen.

Types of Accidents at a Christmas Party

Please consider the possibility of where these accidents could occur which will make you more aware of your surroundings when you find yourself in certain situations and help you protect yourself and others.  These could include:

  • Slips and falls from spilled food or drink, ice or snow, or hazards in your way that you simply did not see or poor lighting
  • Sports injuries – you might be surprised that this is on my list but think about it after having a drink or too getting the football out for kick about or strutting your stuff on the dance floor or swinging the pool cue in the wrong direction.
  • Food poisoning or allergic reactions – be careful what you eat and how much but also don’t just assume that your strange reaction to something at the party is linked to alcohol you might find it could be linked to something you ate.
  • Alcohol – this could not be left out of this list. Too much can make you sick, cause your coordination to go but also cause you to forget the required social graces of a works party and could lead you to react to colleagues in an inappropriate way.

Who is liable for an Accident at a Christmas Party?

Whilst you might consider a claim against the restaurant the party was at for a food poisoning incident or slip on food dropped by a server you might not realise your employer still has a duty of care towards you to consider your safety at works party, and for the inappropriate behaviour from a work colleague.  They would also be responsible for the buffet food left in the kitchen at the office to help with the Christmas wind down.

If you find yourself with an injury such as the above, that was not your fault, please get in touch with WSP Solicitors Personal Injury Claims Team, to see if your injury claim would be worth investigating. We offer a no win no fee arrangement to fund claims which will ease any fears over costs for you.

You can get in touch with the team using the contact form here. Alternatively you can call us on 01453 847200.

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